Eva Longoria Apologizes For Comments Implying Black Women Not Responsible In Biden Victory


Actress Eva Longoria has apologized for and clarified controversial remarks she made during an MSNBC interview after many accused her of downplaying the pivotal role of Black women in President-elect Joe Biden’s election win.

U.S. Latinas are the “real heroines” of the 2020 election victory of Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris, Democratic activist Longoria said on cable television late Sunday, in a fragment of a sentence that seemed to play into the hot-button notion that Black women were being erased for their

“Watching this back I can see that this sounds like I’m comparing Latinas to Black women, which I would never do,” Longoria wrote Sunday on Instagram. “I was comparing Latinas to their male counterparts, but my wording was not clear and I deeply regret that.

“Black women have long been the backbone of the Democratic Party, something we have seen played out in this election as well as previous ones. Black women deserve a standing ovation for the work they have done year after year!! … Again, so sorry for the confusion and lack of context on my part.”

“The women of color showed up in big ways,” Longoria said. “Of course you saw in Georgia what Black women have done, but Latina women were the real heroines here, beating men in turnout in every state, and voting for Biden-Harris at an average rate of close to 3-to-1.”


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Jill Biden Wears Oscar de la Renta @ Joe Biden Presidential Victory Speech in Delaware


Jill Biden Wears Oscar de la Renta Presidential Victory Speech in Delaware November 7, 2020.

First Lady Elect Jill Biden wore a navy floral vine dress by Oscar de le Renta asymmetric dress  foe  her husband, President-elec Joe Biden, as he accepted his victory last night in Wilmington, Del. She styled her look with a matching mask along with a pair of  Jimmy Choo’s Katience pumps.

Oscar De le Renta designed Jackie Kennedy’s peach gown that she wore on a state visit to India in 1962. The fashion house also designed Hillary Clinton’s inaugural ball gown in 1997 and Nancy Reagan’s in 1988. President George W. Bush’s wife, Laura Bush, wore an embellished Oscar de le Renta number at the Stars and Stripes Ball in 2005.


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United States Vice President Elect Kamala Harris Made Historical Speech In Carolina Herrera Suit


United States Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, makes remarks to the nation after being declared the victor of the 2020 US presidential election from the Chase Center in Wilmington, Delaware. For her first victory speech in Wilmington, Delaware United States Vice President Elect Kamala Harris Addresses the Nation In Carolina Herrera Suit Wilmington, DE –

Vice President elect Kamala Harris  appeared  on stage  to #MaryJBliges “Work That” . She wore an ivory Carolina Herrera  suit styled with a  satin blouse .And it is notable that the a white  Carolina Herrera suit Harris wore to deliver that message, as well as the Oscar de la Renta asymmetrical floral dress worn by future first lady Jill Biden, are both from immigrant-founded American fashion labels that have long dressed first ladies on both sides of the political aisle.

In her historic remarks  Harris is the  first woman  , black and asian  woman elected  as Vice President, Harris recalled how her late mother, an Indian immigrant, “believed so deeply in America where a moment like this is possible, and so I am thinking about her and about the generations of women, Black women, Asian, white, Latina, Native American women—who throughout our nation’s history have paved the way for this moment—women who fought and sacrificed so much for equality and liberty and justice for all.”





Pictured: Kamala Harris
MediaPunch / BACKGRID


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Joe Biden Has Been Elected President Of The United States


Joe Biden  has been announced as  the 46th president of the United States. Pushing close to 78 years in age, Biden will become the oldest president .  Senator Kamala Harris  his vp   is the first female, first Black and first South Asian vice president.



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Kamala Harris Is The First Woman, Black American & Asian American To Win Vice Presidency


The 56-year-old California senator, Kamala Harris made history  as the first Black woman elected as vice president of the United States.

(Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel)

Harris   is also the first person of South Asian and Jamaican heritage person  elected to the vice presidency.  Her victory gives hope to women who were devastated by Hillary Clinton’s defeat in 2016.




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Common Does Concert In Tampa Bay, Florida For Volunteers For Biden/Harris Campaign


Chicago rapper  Common Does Concert In Tampa Bay, Florida For Volunteers For Biden/Harris Ticket . Common knocked on doors in northeast Tampa.  Common has lived on the campaign trail on behalf of Vice President Joe Biden, and on Monday, Nov. 2 he’s bringing the energy to northeast Tampa to knock on doors and do an afternoon concert for volunteers and supporters (the location is being withheld to prevent large gatherings).

Common attends the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards at STAPLES Center on January 26, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)



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Lady Gaga Endorses Joe Biden


Lady Gaga Endorses Joe Biden

In the pastFormer Vice President Joe Biden  collaborated with Lady Gaga to provide support victims of sexual assault while speaking at Glamour‘s Women of the Year Summit on Monday (Nov. 13) in New York. The pair, who previously teamed up for the It’s On Us campaign back in October, are now looking to open trauma centers for long-term relief.

“Women who are abused end up having long-term physical and physiological problems,” Biden explained. “I’m working with Lady Gaga now… we [want to] set up trauma centers where women can go to get the long-term help they need to deal with these crises… We finally are recognizing the long-term impacts on the health of women and men who’ve been abused. It’s the next great frontier I want to be part of.”


A spokesperson for the former VP told EW, “The Vice President and Lady Gaga share an interest in addressing the long-term physical and emotional effects of trauma and they have been discussing what to do about it.” It is too premature to contemplate the reality of these centers once they are set up, however, as the spokesperson elaborated, “Their discussions on how to move forward are in the early stages.”

When Gaga and Biden teamed up earlier this fall for It’s On Us, the Obama-era campaign turned nonprofit seeking to increase education regarding sexual assault on college campuses, the singer had much to say about the issue at hand. “It can be terrifying waking up everyday feeling unsafe in your own body,” said Gaga. “But we’re here to remind you that it’s important to reach out to someone in your life that can trust and to know that they will be there to help you. There will be someone to listen, because you know what, it’s on us.”










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Taylor Swift Encourages Her Fans to Get Out the Vote Before Election Day



Taylor Swift  took to social media to encouraged her American fans to vote in a new video posted to social media, one day ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, November 3rd.

“Hey, so we are all stressed out about this election — rightfully so, I feel you — but allow me to be the one-millionth person to remind you that tomorrow is your last chance to make your voice heard and to make your vote count,” the pop star in a self-recorded clip over an instrumental of her political anthem “Only the Young.” “So if you haven’t voted yet, please do. Stay safe, wear a mask, take care of yourselves. I love you very much. Happy voting.” Her video was then followed by a “United” poster depicting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his vice presidential pick Kamala Harris.


Swift  officially endorsed the Biden-Harris campaign last month, telling V Magazine, “Under their leadership, I believe America has a chance to start the healing process it so desperately needs.” She also allowed a super PAC fronted by California Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell to use “Only the Young” in a new political ad.


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Joe Biden Launched A Campaign Ad With Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”



Hiphop artist Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” is the soundtrack for  a new political ad from  democratic presidential candidate  Joe Biden The ad comes one day before the general election and is titled “One Opportunity.”. It features black-and-white footage urging people to vote and includes Biden’s recent visit to the Michigan State Fairgrounds. Biden. Eminem,  is an artist who’s long been guarded about licensing his music, has a career first: He has provided a song — his signature song — to a political candidate. By  providing his song to the Biden campaign, Eminem is essentially giving his official endorsement to the Democratic presidential candidate and running mate Kamala Harris.  The Biden ad marks the first time the 48-year-old star has licensed one of his songs to a political candidate — and indeed, one of the rare instances Eminem has granted a clearance for any type of outside use.


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Billie Eilish Shares Video Encouraging Texans To Vote In US Election


Billie Eilish has released a new video Encouraging Texans To Vote In US presidential election, specifically appealing to Texas residents to vote.

The US state has typically been a Republican stronghold – though a higher than usual voter turnout has led to speculation that the key state could be closely contested.

Although the election itself doesn’t take place until Tuesday next week (November 3), early voting continued up to October 30, which will determine whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will lead the country until the next election in 2024.


In a video shared via the twitter account of the Democratic Senate candidate for Texas, MJ Hegar, Eilish said: “The Presidential race is really close, and so is the US Senate race, with MJ Hegar in a really close fight,” adding that “if everyone makes their voices heard we can win” – reaffirming her support for the Democratic Party in this election. “Early voting ends on Friday and Election Day is next Tuesday,” Eilish continued, “so if everyone makes their voices heard we can win. What happens in Texas could determine our country’s future.


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Bruce Springsteen Narrates Joe Biden Campaign Ad In Former VP’s Hometown In PA


Entertainer Bruce Springsteen  has endorsed Joe Biden  and narrated his advertisement directed at the former vice president’s hometown of Scranton, Pa.  The rock star gave permission for the track “My Hometown” to play along with the ad.

(Photo by Brad Barket/Invision/AP, File)

“Scranton, Pennsylvania. Here, success isn’t handed down. It’s forged with sweat, grit and determination,” he begins in the video. “In Scranton, good times aren’t promised. But here, and in towns across America, times are harder than they ought to be. Lives on pause, dreams on hold, futures in doubt. He’s running to change that. To give working people the shot they deserve. An honest living for honest work, and a little peace of mind at the end of the day.” He concludes the narration by reminding the viewer that Biden aims to keep the people of his hometown in mind in the hopes they’ll vote for him in the very important swing state.

“Because this place stays with him,” he concludes. “These streets are part of him. This is more than where he’s from, it’s who he’s for.”

According to Billboard, the ad premiered Friday on YouTube and aired Saturday during the college football game between Penn State and Ohio State. This isn’t the first time the singer allowed the Biden campaign to use one of his songs. His 2002 track “The Rising” was used during the first night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention.

Bruce Springsteen FEELS

“We are rudderless and joyless. We have lost the cultural aspects of society that make America great. We have lost our mojo, our fun, our happiness, our cheering on of others,” he concluded his speech. “The shared experience of humanity that makes it all worth it. The challenges and the triumph that we shared and celebrated. The unique can-do spirit that America has always been known for. We are lost. We’ve lost so much in so short a time. On Nov. 3, vote them out.”


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Alicia Keys, America Ferrera, Kerry Washington Host Voting Special


Alicia Keys, America Ferrera, and Kerry Washington introduce the broadcast special Every Vote Counts: A Celebration of Democracy broadcast on Oct.29.

‘Every Vote Counts’ will air on CBS, iHeartMedia radio stations, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and more platforms.

Alicia Keys, America Ferrera, Kerry Washington and numerous Hollywood stars are joining forces to celebrate the power of voting with a nationally televised and streaming special set to air just days before the 2020 election.

Every Vote Counts – A Celebration of Democracy will air on Thursday, Oct. 29 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS and its All Access streaming platform, iHeartMedia radio stations and apps, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Apple Music and TV, Amazon Music, Twitch, NowThis, Tidal and other platforms.

In addition to the hosts, the special will feature appearances by Amy Schumer, Chris Rock, Cobie Smulders, Coldplay, Condoleezza Rice, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, John Kasich, Kelly Clarkson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Natalie Portman, Shaquille O’Neal, Tan France, Wilmer Valderrama and more, with performances by Alicia Keys, Dan + Shay, Offset and Shawn Mendes.

“The purpose for this special is to remind and inspire all Americans of the power of their voice and their vote. It’s a challenging time but we have the opportunity to continue to show up and shape the world we want to live in. In a democracy, every vote counts, so we want to encourage and uplift each other and remember we all have a say in the direction of our country because everyone’s participation matters,” Keys said in a statement. “Also, for many young people across the country, this is their first time voting so we want to make sure they understand the magnitude of this time and learn why this is one of the most exciting moments in the Democratic process.”

Every Vote Counts will celebrate the power and importance of civic action and urge citizens to exercise their right to vote, with speakers providing information on how viewers can safely cast a ballot during the pandemic.

“I am thrilled to be joining my dear friends Alicia Keys and America Ferrera to host Every Vote Counts so that we can amplify voters’ voices and provide resources for all Americans as they participate in our democratic process,” Kerry Washington said. “For our democracy to work, every American’s voice must be heard and every vote must be counted. We are so excited for this opportunity to celebrate democracy and our collective power when we all show up at the polls.”

Ferrera added: “I am honored to join my co-hosts in bringing together all of these amazing artists, musicians, community leaders and American voters to celebrate our democracy. Our right to vote has never been more precious or vital. This celebration is an opportunity to uplift our country and to inspire one another to joyfully act on our most fundamental right and responsibility as Americans. Our vote is our voice. And Every Vote Counts.”

The special is produced by Live Nation, Global Citizen, Chad Hines and Ivan Dudynsky for Live Animals, and co-produced by Keys, Ferrera, Washington, Longoria, DiCaprio, Ryan Piers Williams, Chris Stadler, Rick Yorn, AK Worldwide Harness, Simpson Street and Sunshine Sachs.


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Leonardo DiCaprio : Our democracy Should Work For eEveryone – But It Takes Everyone’s Participation


Leonardo DiCaprio : Our democracy Should Work For eEveryone – But It Takes Everyone’s Participation


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Pennsylvania Native Bradley Cooper Urges Voters : ‘Make Sure To Deliver Your Ballot In Person



Pennsylvania native Bradley Cooper has an urgent message for voters in his home state: ‘Make sure to deliver your ballot in person before 8 pm on Nov 3’

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Lizzo Wore Christian Siriano Encouraging Fans To Vote




Lizzo wore a Christian Siriano Spring 2021 three-piece suit  on her latest Instagram post she continued to encourage her followers to vote with the hastag #iamvoter.


Lizzo in a recent interview with David Letterman for his Netflix series, ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,’ the singer opened up about receiving endless comments about her body size.

“It bothered me for a long time that all people could talk about — or think about — was my size.”

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Blake Lively Encourages To Vote On Instagram – October 22, 2020


Blake Lively  was the talk of the town for photoshopping in her own shoes for this photo of her and her husband, Ryan Reynolds early voting.  She is  wearing an Oak + Fort Coat 5567 and Slvrlake Grace High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans.

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Jennifer Hudson & Will.I.Am Encourages Voting For Joe Biden With “The Love”



“The Love is new musical Biden campaign video  sung by Jennifer Hudson , it’s an inspirational reinvention of the Black Eyes Peas “Where Is The Love,” which was written by with ap de ap, Taboo, Justin Timberlake, Printz Board, Michael Fratantuno and George Pajon.


Now called “The Love,” it is sung against scenes of unrest in our streets, riots, and police brutality. Hudson brings the fullness of the song with poignant force, while interjects a rhyming denunciation of bigotry, race hatred and white supremacy with some new lyrics:

Because if you only have love for your own race, Then  you only leave space to discriminate.“’

If you believe that America deserves better, vote for Joe and Kamala like your life depends on it. But don’t stop there — get everyone you know to vote for them, too.  


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Mary J. Blige Endorses Joe Biden & Kamala Harris


Mary J. Blige  feels frustrated with politics, too, but she says “there’s something we can do about it”: Vote — either in-person on Nov. 3 or ahead of time by mail.

The queen of r and b soul and  nine-time Grammy Award winner appears in a new get out the vote ad that begins airing across the country this week in support of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and vice presidential nominee  Kamala Harris .

“We’re living in challenging and uncertain times in America, and it seems like things are getting worse every time we turn on the news,” says Blige, 49, empathizing with a grueling 2020 news cycle ahead of the November election.

Blige is urging Americans to “make a plan to vote” early or in-person.

“It builds on why we’ve been voicing our anger and our frustration,” she says, adding that voting is the “only way to make sure we get the change we’re looking for: better jobs, education, healthcare and criminal justice reform.”

“This year, our votes can and must be our voice,” Blige adds.

The new ad, which the Biden campaign says is part of a large effort in key battleground states to educate and energize Black voters, will air nationally on television, radio and digital outlets. A North Carolina ad will coincide with early voting in that battleground state, which began Thursday.

Blige encourages Americans to make a plan to vote and to visit, a helpful resource where Americans can find local voting information.

“We can vote,” she says. “We can vote for our future and our children’s future.”

In the weeks and months leading up to the November election,  a variety of stars  have  supported behind get-out-the-vote efforts, including Michael B. Jordan, Ariana Grande and more.



Source : People 

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Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Endorse Joe Biden For President



Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez  recently endorsed Joe Biden in a   new video released Friday, encouraging Latinos to make their voices heard in this election.

“We’re thrilled and we’re excited to vote. I think our voice has never been more important,” Rodriguez said in the video. “We want to come together as a team to defeat Covid and to rebuild this US economy that needs us all so much.”
“For me, it’s unifying the nation again. Getting rid of this hate, thinking about my kids walking around in a world where, you know it’s OK to be racist or prejudiced because our administration says it’s OK,” Lopez said. “That to me is really sad because it’s not the country I grew up in.”
“I hope you realize your power,” Jill Biden said. “If I have the honor of being the next first lady, Latina women will have a seat at the table.”
The former vice president chimed in, “And in the Cabinet. It’s real.”
Lopez and Rodriguez also delivered direct-to-camera appeals in Spanish urging the Latino community to vote.
Source : CNN
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