Billie Eilish Shares Video Encouraging Texans To Vote In US Election


Billie Eilish has released a new video Encouraging Texans To Vote In US presidential election, specifically appealing to Texas residents to vote.

The US state has typically been a Republican stronghold – though a higher than usual voter turnout has led to speculation that the key state could be closely contested.

Although the election itself doesn’t take place until Tuesday next week (November 3), early voting continued up to October 30, which will determine whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will lead the country until the next election in 2024.


In a video shared via the twitter account of the Democratic Senate candidate for Texas, MJ Hegar, Eilish said: “The Presidential race is really close, and so is the US Senate race, with MJ Hegar in a really close fight,” adding that “if everyone makes their voices heard we can win” – reaffirming her support for the Democratic Party in this election. “Early voting ends on Friday and Election Day is next Tuesday,” Eilish continued, “so if everyone makes their voices heard we can win. What happens in Texas could determine our country’s future.


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