If you have great legs, go for miniskirts. If you are too skinny and want to create an illusion of a fuller look, try a skirt with ruffles. In case you are a little plump, opt for a piece with the shorter hem going as high as the mid part of your legs.


  • Skirts with unbalanced or uneven hems are known as asymmetrical hem skirt. Basically any skirt shape could be with an asymmetrical hem. Unlike a lot of other skirt shapes, asymmetrical hem skirts work well with lighter fabrics as well such as chiffons, georgettes and knits. Due to the mix of an unconventional shape and fabric, these if worn right, can be the ultimate feminine skirt. Normally these are quiet roomy at the hem and the imbalance in the hem adds a sort of the bounce and the skirt sways as the wearer walks, making it look super-cool.
  • The best part about asymmetrical hem skirts is that these could work for almost all body types. Long skirts with a handkerchief hem work well for tall, pear shaped women who want to distract the attention from the not so flattering parts of their body to the hem. A skirt fitted at the waist and hip area, and then flaring out at the uneven hem is great for people with thin frames. You could wear heels or flats or even boots with these kinds of skirts.






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