• These are skirts which have hems going in (almost like a series of big semi circles) all around the skirt circumference at regular intervals, to create a voluminous, puffy,  balloon like silhouette. These are off and on popular, but rarely can be classified as a staple skirt must-have. Due to its’ shape, the fabric plays a very important role. Certain fabrics such as satin or flowy crepes/georgettes etc. can handle this kind of shape well, but the stitching quality needs to be extremely good. Cottons, due to their tendency of developing creases, should normally not be chosen for this shape.  Since the most noticeable part of the bubble skirt is its hem, it is advisable to not have too many design features such as embroidery/belts/pockets on a bubble skirt, or else the skirt will look too busy and done up.
  • Bubble skirts are puffy in shape and hence should normally be worn by the thin. Curvaceous women could give it a try too, if they absolutely must, as it is voluminous and therefore could hide lots of body flaws. The length however, needs to be at least till knee for the well endowed with the hem line going up for the slimmer of the lot.

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