Pleated skirts

Skirts could come in with a variety of pleats to give more room to the wearer or as a design feature. Pleats could be stitched or permanently heat pressed on to the skirts. Pleated skirts are not commonly worn on a day to day basis.

Accordion pleated skirt


  • An accordion pleated skirt is one which has a series of pleats of equal width. These resemble the pleats on a foldable hand fan. The accordion pleats are heat pressed in opposite directions. These are normally found in fabrics which could hold these pleats permanently. This kind of a skirt should be worn by thin people as pleats add volumes to the body.

Knife Pleated skirts


  • When accordion pleats are pressed flat in the same direction, they are called knife pleats. Knife pleats are wider than the accordion pleats.

Box Pleated skirts



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  • You could identify a box pleated skirt from the others as they have flat fabric in between two pleats.
  • The flat fabric shows through from between the pleats. When the top of the pleats are brought so close to each other that they almost kiss and their position is secured by a stitch, the box pleat is called kick box pleat. Box and kick box pleats are used for a lot of sports skirts as these offer the maximum room.

Sometimes, small, uniform pinches of fabrics are secured with a stitch; these resemble a pin-tuck and are not really common in skirts.

Like women, skirts come in all shapes and sizes, making it sometimes difficult to understand the right kind to wear to an occasion; the guidelines given above should be able to help you though, in looking your best in a skirt, at every occasion!



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