Ancient Hebrew, Greek, and Roman men generally wore some form of tunic. Ancient Egyptians wore a wrap skirt, similar to sarongs.

Both the Anglo-Saxons and Normans wore skirted garments, as can be seen in the Bayeux Tapestry. These fashions continued well into the Middle Ages

One of the most talked about  trend  this summer is men skirts. Designers like  Givenchy,Ricardo Tisci, Yohji Yamamoto and Thom Browne all featured men skirts in their  collections. Kanye West was the talk of the town when he wore a leather wrap skirt recently at the   12. 12. 12 benefit concert to help Hurricane  Sandy victims …  This was not the first time Kanye has worn a skirt,  he is a  women’s wear designer and does not seem  afraid to push the envelope in his fashion style….  It is not accepted by many to see men wearing clothing that are considered for women such as skirts , hence all the talk of Mr . West in his skirt  outfit… ..  Even though its accepted in certain cultures will this be the new trend for men in fashion or will this look be for the brave at heart.. Time will tell…..


A Sri Lankan man wearing a sarong


An Indian man wearing a dhoti 

Snoop Dogg  in a kilt

Brad  Pitt


Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012



Vin Diesel

Kanzu is a  long, usually white garment worn by men in Africa.

This skirt  is a kilt worn by mainly scottish men

Kanye West in A Givenchy wrap leather skirt

Designer Marc Jacobs in Prada Skirt

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2012-2013

Mel Gibson

Tweed 3-piece Suit from Pringle of Scotland FW10


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