Top 5 NFT Fashions Trends As Big Brands are Joining NFTs Industry




NFT stands for non-fungible token, which basically means that it’s a one-of-a-kind digital asset that belongs to you and you only. The most popular NFTs right now include artwork and music, but can also include videos and even tweets

The fashion industry is digitally adaptin and transforming in the digital era. Brands are using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology to attract, verify and connect with consumers from all over the world.  Below are a list of  the fashion brands are integrating NFTs into their product portfolios!


A virtual sneaker from RTFKT studios, source: Hypebeast


1. RTFKT – luxury fashion brand with virtual sneaker drops

The RTFKT brand was established in 2019 and became a specialist in selling virtual sneakers. Early in 2021, the business had a collaboration project with “Fewocious”, a popular crypto artist who was only 18 years old at the time.

He designed 3 virtual sneakers where bidders could “try on” the sneakers through Snapchat and then enter an auction to purchase after.

The highest bidder also had the chance to obtain the physical pair of sneakers to wear in real life. The collaboration lived up to the hype with 600 pairs of sneakers being sold in under 7 mins. reaching revenue of 3.1 million USD.

Since then, RTKFT has made developments to their lineup by partnering with “The Fabricant” to create a new collection of 7 virtual items receiving 8 million USD in their latest round of fundraising.

2. Gucci – The first major luxury fashion house selling NFTs

Gucci became the first luxury brand to delve into the forays of NFTs.

The iconic Italian fashion house’s NFT was not styled after fashion goods but rather a film inspired by their “Aria” collection in collaboration with Alessandro Michele. This 4-minute film was sold at Christie’s auction for 25,000 million USD.

3. NFT enters fashion week!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion week changed to a digital format with NFTs playing a big part.

“French Fashion” and “Haute Couture Federation” partnered up with the “Arianee” platform to create NFTs that could be exchanged in the 2022 men’s fall/summer fashion week in Paris and other high fashion exhibitions.

These tokens allow its users to view exclusive fashion; one of them from famed fashion digital artist Richard Haines.

It could be said that the introduction of NFTs during fashion week illustrates a paradigm shift.

4. Louis Vuitton and NFTs collecting game

In celebration of its founder’s 200th anniversary birthday on August the 4thLouis Vuitton combined fashion and technology by introducing “Louis the Game”, an adventure-style game where players would have to traverse through a dollhouse belonging to Vivienne.

Apart from that, players traveled to different lands to collect 200 candles to represent the 200th anniversary birthday.

The adventure featured 30 hidden NFTs with 10 NFTs in collaboration with “Beeple”, a popular NFT artist.

NFTs in this game are open for collection and are not for sale to the public.

5. Overpriced – scannable hoodies that allow owners to show off their NFT

Overpriced, the self-proclaimed first fashion brand in the world driven by NFTs, has designed a real-life hoodie with a scannable code that allows the hoodie’s owners to show it off.

This hoodie is being sold on the NFT platform “BlockParty” for 26,000 USD.

The fashion industry is welcoming blockchain technology

Aside from the fashion industry welcoming NFTs and using blockchain technology as part of their business strategy, Prada, Richemont, and LVMH, the parent company of Louis Vuitton, have collaborated in ways “never before seen”.

These three fashion giants have partnered up and created the “Aura” blockchain group to offer tracing solutions to their customers.

In terms of tracing product histories and a product’s authenticity, customers can trace the origins of raw materials used to create their purchases, search for a specific item within a particular store, and view trading activities in the used market.

Luxury fashion brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, Hublot, Louis Vuitton, and Prada have all joined the platform.

NFTs provide an outlet for fashion brands, icons, and artists to showcase and sell their work.

Brands like Burberry, Coach and Longines are beginning to sell NFTs in their virtual fashion exhibition through the Metaverse.

For those who believe NFTs are only for the artists and Picasso’s of the world, take another glance at the fashion houses you love. Because aside from the digital art pieces that have made headlines, fashion is only one area everyone can enjoy in the real world or as NFTs.

Source :  Zipmex

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Simone Rocha  Collaborates With H&M



Simone Rocha  will collaborate with H&M, in a partnership that will include womenswear, menswear and childrenswear, marking the first time the designer has created a wardrobe for the entire family.

The collection features statement pieces inspired by the brand’s own archive of key collections that have defined its story, and is bursting with florals, tartan, beading and bespoke fabrications created in-house. A collection of versatile, hard-working pieces designed to be well-loved and well-worn, Simone Rocha x H&M allows all audiences to experience Simone’s world.

Simone Rocha enthused about the collaboration, saying “I am so thrilled to be working with H&M on this very special collection. It truly is a celebration of the signatures of my brand, and the influences that have shaped me. As a designer, and as a customer, I’ve been such a fan of the H&M collaboration concept. Margiela, Alber Elbaz, Comme des Garcons – it’s such an amazing list of alumni to be a part of.” The sentiment is shared by H&M, as Creative Advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson shares “Simone Rocha has been on the H&M wish-list for some time… All of us at H&M have been so inspired to work with a female designer who spends so much time thinking about contemporary femininity, and womanhood, and who is so committed to excellence in craft and design.”

The collaboration coincides with the celebration of a decade of the London-based Simone Rocha label, and will launch online and in select stores on 11 March.

Watch Simone Rocha share her thoughts on the collaboration below:


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DressBarn is Taking Over Online Dress Sales




After closing all of its brick-and-mortar locations in 2019, DressBarn’s online storefront is quickly becoming one of the Internet’s most popular sources of womens dresses online.


This year, DressBarn dropped a brand-new mobile app and renovated its website. The company also updated its return policy to begin offering contactless returns at more than 700 locations across the United States.


Right now, you can get 25% off DressBarn’s entire collection with the code TAKE25. You can even get up to 60% off clearance plus an extra 10% off by using code LASTCHANCE at checkout. With thousands of items to choose from, you can give your closet a makeover without leaving the comfort of your home.


DressBarn’s Dress Sales Are Taking Off


As its name implies, DressBarn is known for its wide variety of dresses. The company currently offers hundreds of womens dresses online, including maxi, halter-top, knit, wrap, long-sleeved, sleeveless, petite, and plus-size dresses.


Just recently, on Sept. 15, DressBarn announced its partnership with Happy Returns to offer contactless returns across more than 150 metro areas across the United States. You can order returns both online and at Happy Returns’ Return Bars.


A Major Setback Led to an Equally Major Comeback


Since the Great Recession, many major American retail chains have closed hundreds of stores or gone out of business entirely. Victims of the “retail apocalypse,” as economists call it, include Borders Books, Sears, and Toys “R” Us.


In May 2019, after more than 57 years of nationwide growth, the Stamford, Connecticut-based retailer DressBarn announced it would close all 650 of its stores by the end of 2019. Simultaneously, parent company Ascena Retail sold the retailer to Retail Ecommerce Ventures LLC.


DressBarn liquidated its merchandise beginning Nov. 1, 2019, selling its products at discounts of 20% to 40%. Before fully closing up shop, the company also got rid of furnishings, sales equipment, and other hardware.


Retail Ecommerce Ventures promised fans that DressBarn would continue selling its signature womens dresses online. Shortly after its May 2019 closing announcement, however, DressBarn’s then-newfound parent company declared that it would open up a new e-commerce platform around the start of 2020.


New Beginnings for DressBarn


Although the company no longer has a traditional brick-and-mortar presence, DressBarn is very much open for business. If anything, its widespread 2019 liquidation prepared the retailer for the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Right on time, DressBarn opened up its new e-commerce platform on Jan. 1, 2020. Shortly after, Retail Ecommerce Ventures co-founder Tai Lopez, arguably the Internet’s most famous digital marketing and self-help guru, decided to give DressBarn’s website a makeover shortly after its launch.


Shayan Zadeh, DressBarn’s Chief Executive Officer, oversaw changes to the company’s website, including revamped branding and improvements to website design. Zadeh remodeled the website’s search function, helping shoppers find products more easily. The retailer also improved the e-commerce platform’s customer support abilities, giving customers better access to company representatives.


Collectively, the dozens of updated features refined the womens dresses online shopping experience.

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THE Marc Jacobs Launch Celebrates New Pop Up Store


Marc Jacobs celebrated the launch of his new pop-up store at 59 Greene Street in New York City on Wednesday (June 12).

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The History of Hugo Boss, A Timeless Brand

Singer and HUGO ambassador Liam Payne chose to wear HUGO Photo : Getty

This history of Hugo Boss himself and his world-renowned brand is a fascinating, and sometimes shocking, story. A German designer, Hugo Boss was born in 1885 as the youngest of 5 children. He served in WWI as a corporal, before founding his own clothing company.

From Hugo Boss fragrances to men and women’s fashion collections, the clothing company is hugely successful; but it had a tumultuous start before eventually achieving the global status we know today. With that in mind, we take a look at the history of a timeless brand that is still popular today.

The beginning of Hugo Boss

Born in Metzingen, just south of Stuttgart, Hugo Boss completed an apprenticeship as a merchant before completing military service in the early 1900s. He then worked in a weaving mill, before inheriting his parents’ lingerie shop in 1908.

After serving in WWI, he founded his own clothing company in 1923 which produced the likes of shirts and jackets. At the time, the Third Reich held the power in the country. Due to the economic climate of Germany at the time, Hugo Boss was forced into bankruptcy, before reaching an agreement with his creditors to be able to start again.

Controversial history

Due to the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1930s, Hugo Boss’ company began to produce and sell the uniforms for Nazi soldiers. Boss himself became a member of the Nazi Party in 1931.

Unfortunately, because of this, after the war Hugo Boss was stripped of his right to vote, his right to run a business and had to pay a hefty fine. The company agreed to participate in a fund to compensate for the use of slave laborers in WWII Germany.

The growth of the Boss brand

After Boss’ death in 1948, the company was taken over by his son-in-law and his sons. What followed was decades of growth and success, resulting in the Hugo Boss brand we all know today.

In 1950, the first men’s suits were designed and produced, setting the tone for the style and direction of the brand. Soon after, in 1954, Boss fragrances were successfully introduced.

The eponymous brand began to acquire a number of licenses and partnerships, as well as releasing numerous collections. The Hugo Boss name became a brand in 1970, and was registered as an international trademark by 1977.

The brand was split into different labels to denote various parts of the business. This included HUGO and BOSS. BOSS was then split further into BOSS Orange, producing casualwear; BOSS Green, producing golf clothing. and sportswear; BOSS Selection, producing a luxury range. From 2017, BOSS Orange and Green were integrated under the core BOSS brand, forming a two-brand strategy.

The Hugo Boss brand branched out quickly, acquiring licenses for eyewear in 1989, footwear in 1995 and watches in 1996.

Evolving with the times

The Hugo Boss brand ensured it moved forward with the rest of the world, innovating its offerings and positioning itself in a positive space within society. In 1996 the brand introduced the Hugo Boss Prize, which was designed to identify and honour contemporary artists, through a partnership with the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum and Foundation. Furthermore, Hugo Boss also partnered with UNICEF in 2007.

In 2009, a mobile app became available, and in 2011 the brand’s online store was relaunched in Mandarin in order to branch out into the Chinese market. Recently, Hugo Boss became the first Global Apparel Partner to support the Formula E race series.

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Gabrielle Union Sizzling Collection With New York & Company


The Gabrielle Union Collection With New York & Company is here and its sizzling.



Most of the items  in this capsule   collection are priced under $100. Gabrielle ,wanted her collection to speak to her fan base, not isolate them. “You do kind of become an asshole if everything you’re talking about is a few mortgage payments and a normal person can’t afford any of it—like, what are you saying, really?,” Union tells  Glamour . “Trying to create a line that’s accessible for a lot of people, to working women, was important to me. I care, I’m listening.” The accessible price point, plus that feeling she wants to elicit in the customer base, is what “propels people out of their chairs and to their computers or to the store,” Union says. “That’s the goal.”


Shop Gabrielle Union for New York and Company here.

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Jourdan Dunn Celebrates The Launch Of The Lon Dunn+ Missguided Collection


Jourdan Dunn  was in attendance at the launch of   her  ‘Lon Dunn+ Missguided’ collection at Missguided’s Westfield Store on Saturday March 11, 2017 in London.

The supermodel model  collaborated with Missguided to create a 96-piece collection.

Miss Dunn expressed , “This is my street-chic style. I feel like Missguided consumers are girls like me or the girls who follow me. I wanted to create something practical, stylish and cool.”

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Big Sean Is Puma’s New Creative Collaborator & Global Ambassador


Big Sean  is the newest  ambassador Of Puma  that already included Rihanna, The Weeknd, Meek  Mill and  Young Thug .  He is now  a ”Creative Collaborator” and ”Global Ambassador.”

The rapper as a collaborator will be working closely with  the PUMA’s design team to create a collection that should  be released in spring 2018. In addition, Big Sean will also be the new face of PUMA Classic campaign that will be launched this summer. PUMA will  also be the official sponsor of the singer’s upcoming ”I Decided” tour.

Adam Petrick, PUMA’s Global Director for Brand Marketing, said: ”We are thrilled to have Big Sean on board. Anyone who’s followed him throughout his career will know that his talent goes beyond music.

His passion for creativity and individuality is very strong. We’ve already kicked off the design process with Sean and we’re glad to see a fusion of his unique style and PUMA’s sports heritage coming through. We’re very pleased to welcome Sean to the PUMA family.”

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How to wear Sleeveless Coats


Sleeveless coats, jackets  and dresses are one of the fashion trends celebs and Fashion Sizzlers are   rocking currently. They are good for the transitional season like Spring and Fall or for when we are having not so cold days.


They can be worn as a chic casual ensemble or dressed up for a more elegant look depending on the occasion and how its styled. Below are some of our favorite Celebs and Fashion Sizzlers rocking this trend.

Narciso -Rodriguez-fall-2015

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015

MSGM -Fall -2015


Narciso- Rodriguez-fall-2015

Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015

Victoria Beckham Fall 2013
Victoria Beckham Fall 2013





Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015
Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015

Dior, Fall 2014
Dior, Fall 2014

Victoria Beckham rocking Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2013 sleeveless jacket

amal-clooney-sleeveless coat

Amal  Clooney in a black and white print coat styled with balck accessories


Nicole -Scherzinger-in-sleeveless-coat

Nicole Scherzinger



This Fashion  Sizzler is rocking a tan sleeveless coat styled with a Louis Vuitton bag ,black leather gloves and black boots



Selena Gomez is wearing a sleeveless  ivory Co Resort 2016 coat dress that has  an oversized collar, a buttoned front, and a flared hem that fell a little above her knees. She styled her lookopaque tights  along with  platform sandals


Kylie Jenner looked incredible in a long sleeveless jacket and ripped jeans



Kim Kardashian In Narciso Rodriguez Fall 2015 sleeveless coat.





Kendall Jenner in a  YSL Sleeveless Fur Coat paired with all black ensemble

Jil Sander Fall 2015

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Beyoncé Emoji T-Shirts


Beyonce’s last Self-Titled ‘Visual Album’ that was a surprise release on iTunes was very successful selling over a million downloads. Drunk and in Love, Flawless, Blow and Surfboard are just a few of the words from the album that have become popularly associated with superstar singer.

Beyonce’s latest addition to her eccomerce store are Emoji T-Shirts with the names BLOW and SURFBOARD.


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