Jennifer Hudson & Will.I.Am Encourages Voting For Joe Biden With “The Love”



“The Love is new musical Biden campaign video  sung by Jennifer Hudson , it’s an inspirational reinvention of the Black Eyes Peas “Where Is The Love,” which was written by with ap de ap, Taboo, Justin Timberlake, Printz Board, Michael Fratantuno and George Pajon.


Now called “The Love,” it is sung against scenes of unrest in our streets, riots, and police brutality. Hudson brings the fullness of the song with poignant force, while interjects a rhyming denunciation of bigotry, race hatred and white supremacy with some new lyrics:

Because if you only have love for your own race, Then  you only leave space to discriminate.“’

If you believe that America deserves better, vote for Joe and Kamala like your life depends on it. But don’t stop there — get everyone you know to vote for them, too.  


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