3 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best for Virtual Interviews



For more than a decade, employers have embraced the convenience that video conferencing capabilities have provided. Think about doctors finishing residencies and looking for work in hospitals across the country, for instance. Can you imagine the savings they enjoy in their job search while simultaneously enjoying more options with the ability to interview virtually? But virtual interviews have gone mainstream, and employers aren’t limiting it to cross-country searches for specialized positions.

Perhaps largely due to COVID-19, more employers than ever utilize video conferencing platforms like Zoom. Suppose you’re searching for a new job and need to prepare for your upcoming virtual interview. You probably want to look and feel your best, but you might wonder how to do it in the digital age instead of traditional, in-person interviews.

Here are three ways to look and feel your best for virtual interviews:

1. Check Your Technology Ahead of the Interview Date

You don’t want to leave anything to chance regarding your technology before an important job interview. Today’s employers take note of basic technical skills or lack thereof among job candidates. The focus on tech-savvy candidates is partially due to the events surrounding COVID-19 that led to the need to ask employees to work remotely, largely setting up their own home workspaces. Employers also want to see your diligence in setting up your home technology to show yourself in the best light, literally and figuratively.

Several days before and the morning of your interview, test your equipment, internet connection, and video conferencing software to ensure your moving image will appear clear and that you won’t project poor visuals or muffled or crackling audio. Your confidence that everything is in order will shine through.

2. Dress As If You’re Interviewing In-Person

Some people might think they can get away with wearing jeans and sneakers since interviews generally take place while seated. There are a few possible problems with this assumption. First, you might need to stand at some point, especially if you encounter some unforeseen technical glitch. No matter how diligent you were in checking your tech in advance, some things can happen beyond your control. Also, if you’re serious about getting this job, you need to approach your attire holistically. Dress as if you’re going to walk into the room and shake hands with the HR representative or department manager. You don’t want to envision yourself in sweatpants and slippers. Create the whole mood with appropriate interview clothing, such as a business suit and good shoes.

3. Improve Your Skincare Routine

Maskne (acne caused by wearing a mask) is real. Don’t let it or another skin issue keep you from feeling confident on your call. Before you start the interview process, take a look at your skincare routine and improve it. Whether you need to add a new cleanser to the mix or finally explore the benefits of face serums for your skin, now is the time. Couple it with a renewed motivation to drink more water each day and your skin will look more healthy and glowing (in a good way!) in no time.

Nail Your Virtual Interview to Get the Job

With these simple strategies, you’ll go into your virtual interview beaming with confidence. Knowing your technology is in order up to the moment before you receive or make the call, wearing the right clothing from head-to-toe, and freshening up your skincare regimen are essential things you can do to enjoy an easygoing virtual interview that will impress your future employer.


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