Which items are usually found in beauty sets?

It’s super easy to get all you need in a ready-to-go beauty set but knowing what should be included in one is much harder than you would think, especially because you can also buy more specialized beauty sets that contain just eye-related products, for example. In this article, we’ll be listing the 8 most vital things you should make sure that your next beauty set contains.

Facial primer

An inclusion that might split opinions from the onset, a facial primer is an essential part of any beauty set as it can help make your makeup look fresh for the entirety of the day no matter what you get up to. Some women argue that it does little in terms of having a real impact, but we stand by what we say and think that it’s a key stage in any decent makeup routine. Which side of the primer argument do you find yourself belonging to?

A beauty sponge

Something that’s become super popular in recent years, the beauty sponge is now a staple in many beauty sets because of just how integral they are. We love beauty sponges because of how well you can blend your makeup with them. What else is great about them is that they’re super cheap, though there are also more premium options on the market.


Foundation is one thing that can make or break a look, so getting a good foundation in a beauty set is the bare minimum that you should expect. It’s not just as easy as picking a basic color, though, as you also need to decide what kind of coverage you’re after and what skin type you have, as well as what kind of overall look you want. This will take some experimenting, but once you find what works, you can layer up and add other things on top.


Perfect if you suffer from acne, eye bags, or any other blemishes, concealer is a must-have item for most women at the younger end of the age spectrum. There are a few different types of concealer, ranging from complete to sheer coverage, and finding out what is best will mean that you need to try a few different options before committing to anything. You should also see what works best with your skin type and try to avoid any irritation!


One for you ladies who prefer to go for that sunkissed look, bronzer is great if you want to add a little color to your complexion without looking like you’re overdoing it. The one thing to keep in mind is that you need to get the shade and tone right, as it can come across quite poorly if you choose a bronzer that is much darker than your natural skin tone. If you prefer that paler, more minimal look, then bronzer might not be what you need from a set.


An item that has been becoming more popular again in 2022, blush in softer pastel colors, has exploded onto the scene and doesn’t look like it’ll be going anywhere any time soon. When going for a new blush option, you should make sure that you don’t choose anything too bright or too unnatural looking.


Perfect if you want to draw attention to your eyes, mascara is a staple in almost any beauty drawer and something you should expect in any half-decent beauty box. Because of how long mascara has been around, there are countless different variations that can either curl, thicken, or elongate your eyelashes dramatically. 


One of the more important options in this list, highlighter is absolutely key to a variety of different looks. It is super versatile, coming in a number of different forms, including liquid, powder, and cream. If you’re a highlighter novice, we recommend that you first go with powder and then slowly try the other types available on the market. The shade is a thing to consider, as getting this wrong can ruin the entire look you’re going for.


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