3 Reasons To Consider Getting Hair Extensions




Hair extensions in all their categories have exploded onto the beauty market worldwide in the past decade. These welcomed developments in installs, color variations, textures, styles and quality that has allowed hair enthusiasts cart blanche to be inventive and express personality and creative style.

In addition to the personal style aspects, hair extensions have also become useful beauty accessory to manage, take care of and complement your real hair. This is because they have a low impact on the condition of your real hair and can be attached when your hair is in a recovery stage.

Hair extensions are so accommodating, they can be worn for a short period such as a one-day event or weekend vacation or they can be installed as semi-permanent hair lasting months. This makes the bundles an ideal investment to buy into for storage and future use.

With that being said, here are the top 3 reasons you should consider getting hair extensions:

Rest And Convenience 

Daily hair maintenance requires continuous manipulation, product usage and styling to create the hairstyles you want. This constant effort you apply to your hair can be time consuming and doesn’t give your hair time to recover, grow and just be left alone. This is where hair extensions can be of great help.

Installing extensions will allow you to give your hair a break from all the work you put into it. Giving your hair a period of rest where it doesn’t need to be combed, styled, and heated will help improve the health of your hair. It can also provide the necessary time for your roots to produce new hair to grow, and this could result in a more consistent hair growth term over time.

Just as important, applying extensions is a beneficial means to cut back on time spent doing your hair. If you don’t have enough time to do your hair daily or are too lazy, you can get an extensions install in 10 minutes that can then be left as is or combed into an updo, and your hair is done! This convenience is a popular reason why many busy professionals opt for getting hair extensions.

Length And Style 

Hair can take up to a month just to grow to an average of ½ an inch and most often grows to about six inches per year depending on genetics and environmental factors and your hair habits. This is on top of the reality that hair needs quite a bit of length to pull off a larger variety of hairstyles. As such, using extensions means you don’t have to wait for your hair to grow to try out your favorite styles.

Extensions are a faster and practical solution to add length to your real hair—you can style it to give it more volume. It’s also a way to lengthen your hair without having to resort to growth serums that also take time to work. The length of hair extension bundles ranges from a few inches to reach your bust line or can go all the way down to your calves. Keep in mind that the longer the hair extensions are in inches, the costlier the bundles can become.

In terms of style, extensions give you the chance to try out elaborate hairdos that need numerous products, tools and hair accessories to style. What’s more is persistent usage of heat styling tools such as hot combs, flat irons, and blow dryers on your real hair may lead to eventual heat damage and breakage. In a similar way, applying the many products needed for styling can lead to buildup on your scalp and you’ll need to wash your hair more often. In this case, hair extensions allow you to play around with length and styling while keeping your real hair safe, tucked away and healthy.


Hair extensions come in every color variation in the spectrum you can think of and for every hair pattern extension in the market. Additionally, if there are hair extensions that don’t come in the color you want, you can just dye the extensions.

For this reason, getting hair extensions is a safer way to experiment with hair color trends but without having to put chemicals in your real hair. Bleaches, dyes, and other coloring chemicals can impact your real hair by leading to dryness, matting and damage after a while.  If you ever wanted to know how the colors pink, rainbow, and electric blue suits you, hair extensions are how you can test it out.

When opting for a specific color, you have the choice of installing the colored extensions as clips or sew-ins to your real hair or you can get weave extensions. Your choice will depend on whether you’d like a full head of new color or just part of a color blend or ombre with your real hair.


Hair extensions have a lot to offer you as a beauty investment and accessory. You can use your bundles to show your unique personal style while also being timely and helping to keep your hair healthy and restful. In relation to this, they are a safe and chemical-free means of trying out different hair colors on yourself. All these elements come together as both functional and fun reasons as to why you should consider getting hair extensions in the future.


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