6 Must-have Hair Accessories That Will Make Styling Easier



Cool Hair Accessories Are The Best Way To Style Your Hair


If you were once a little girl who liked to add springy butterflies to your hair to glam it up then chances are you are still sporting your hair with a nice bow or other accessories. Many celebrities have flaunted their childhood hair accessories to bring them back to the trend. A simple addition of a stylish hair clip can dress up your hair for a red carpet event or for an evening tea party. 


Have you too been eyeing those cool girls and celebrities on Instagram who show up pretty scarves and other accessories but have no idea how to wear them or which ones to get? We know that all the accessories of hair posted are actually not wearable in daily lives. So we came up with the top 6 hair accessories that you can choose from along with how and when to use them. 


Hair Elastics


Though hair elastics is a general term used for hair accessories to tie up your mane, it includes scrunchies and ponytails too. The simplest and the best hair ties are the quickest and cheapest way to get the hair out of your eyes and face. Word of caution, rubber bands do not come under this category. If anything, you should stay away from those horrid rubber bands which tug and pull out your hair. Hair elastics can give your hair a snug tug back into a sleek ponytail. To add a more classic look to your ponytail, make sure your hair is straightened out well and hide your elastic with a strand of your hair twirled around it. 


Head Scarves and Wraps


You can wrap any material and tie it around your head. The only thing to keep in mind is the width and length of the fabric. Some fabrics however do not sit well on the head. The simple way to use these scarves and head wraps is as easy as just to place, wrap and tie it securely. Scarves also preserve your hair from being exposed to harsh elements. They work well with any length of hair. You can flaunt a boho look by using knitted, silk, or bright colored fabrics. They are a perfect look for going shopping or for meeting your friends for a quick coffee. 


Hair Pins


These are thin metal accessories that are curved at one end and open at the other end. They are easily available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They also come in plain forms as well as more decorative ones. They are perfect for securing a bun or when you want to try more formal hairstyles like chignons. You can even find hairpins that match the color of your hair to create an invisible hold or add sparkle to it by choosing ones with ornamentation. For fine hair, you might have to use a little bit of hair spray to strengthen the hold. These hairpins can help you create perfect hairstyles for special occasions when you need to do an updo.




Unlike scarves, headbands do not need to be wrapped around your head. They are accessories that help you tuck your hair back and sit on the head. Headbands have always been in fashion and are used by women of every age group. They come in a large variety to choose from. You can get the skinny ones that appear almost invisible to more ornamental ones. The main aspect to look for when buying a headband is to make sure it’s the right size. While a size too big will not provide the necessary strength to hold your hair back, a size too small will start to hurt after you have worn it for a while. They work on long, short, wavy, or curly hairstyles. They are a more preferred accessory when you want to present a casual look and don’t really work well for formal occasions. 


Head Pieces

These are decorative items you can use by attaching them to hair clips or headbands. They are usually accessories like flowers, netting, etc. The size, color, and costs along with the ornamentation differentiate headpieces. You can use easy headpieces by simply clipping them to your hair. Try on the hairpieces before you buy them so you know how they will exactly look on you. Headpieces look good on all hair lengths. You can even use it on short hair if you want to show something noticeable. When done with careful selection, your hairpiece can give you the times 1920’s look or turn you into a modern Diva. 




Last but not the least, we would like to add that one accessory that can change your hairstyle from a regular one to that of a queen. Tiaras come in many types and you can choose one from that is simple to that which is heavily ornamented. You also select from a golden or a silver one. This is best supported when you have a hairstyle and then you easily glide a tiara through it to add a touch of glam. It is suitable for formal occasions like weddings, proms, or galas. 


Things To Keep In Mind When Using Hair Accessories For Styling


As much as we would like to buy these must-have accessories and tuck them into our hair to be ready for the day, it doesn’t just end there. You must support your hairstyle with more than just these. Firstly start by using the correct shampoo, conditioner, and after-care serum for your hair. Follow it up with the right blow drying techniques or hair ironing. To get the best look, we recommend you to use both. Depending on your hair type you will need to use hair sprays or hair gels or wax to keep your hairstyle in place for a long time. Nothing bums out your mood more than when you spend time doing your hair only to lose the complete look within hours after that. Also, try to find more natural ways to style your hair than using heating devices all the time.


For hair to look naturally good, you must make sure you follow healthy diet regimes. Consume lots of water on a daily basis. This will strengthen your hair and help them to grow well. You can also prevent dandruff in your hair by keeping yourself hydrated. What you eat can also affect your hair so make sure your diet is compatible with your hair growth.


Followed with good physical exercise, diet, and hair care, these hair accessories will definitely help your hair make the style statement for you. 

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