6 Tips When Shopping For Watches For Men

To most men, watches are more than gadgets for showing time. Some may consider them as accessories that bring out their macho sense. Also, they might spend a lot of time looking into the attributes and details of a watch before buying one at a store. If you’re having difficulty choosing the best type of men’s watch, below are six tips to ensure a worthwhile purchase.

  1. Consider The Brand

The brand of your watch speaks volumes about your class. It’s a testament to indicate your timepiece’s level of elegance.  There are many posh brands from different designers, manufacturers, and even countries. All these have extraordinary features that add to the exquisiteness of the watch. 

 For instance, American watch brands and other famous brands, prove to offer quality and elegant watches. Purchasing from these brands would likely radiate your stylish sense.

  1. Match The Occasion

The watch’s design takes into account how the timepiece will suit you in different environments. In this case, watches are grouped as: 

  • Dress watches: These are simple but elegant pieces that emanate a sense of sophistication. You can pair them with a suit and tie or any other formal attire. 
  • Sports watches: These are suited for sporting activities and include features such as a stopwatch, alarm, compass, water resistance, and more. 
  • Field watches: These are also known as military watches and often have minimalistic designs. They’re like imitations of the war timepieces yet are more suited for casual occasions.  

Given the types of watches above, it’s essential to determine the occasion you’ll use them for before making a purchase. If you’re simply going to put it as an accessory when going to work, a dress or field watch would be nice. Meanwhile, you might need to buy a sports watch if you’re going to use it for scuba diving. 

  1. Choose Your Preferred Display

The type of watch you select may either have a digital or an analog display. With a digital timepiece, you can easily tell the time or the date in a glance as time is displayed in digits. Also, they’re generally cheaper and are designed to fit casual, formal, or sporty events.

On the other hand, analog wrist watches are more common. They have the traditional clock face with the second, minute, and hour hands. Depending on the make or design, you can wear one and show up at a sporting activity, business meeting, or on a family barbeque. 

  1. Know The Features

Every precious item has remarkable features. When shopping for watches, go over their specifications till you select the piece that levels up to your expectations. Some of the features to consider include:

  • Size: Go for a big-size watch as most masculine timepieces are. However, don’t go for an extra-large piece as it might look awkward on your wrist. Instead, choose one that’s proportionate to your wrist size. For this, you may ask the seller to help you decide on a suitable size.
  • Straps: Strap material can be leather, metal, canvas, rubber, and so on. Choose a watch with appealing straps. Also, consider your comfort. For instance, if you have metal hypersensitivity, you’d better stick to the non-metallic straps. 
  • Chronometer rating: Chronometer-rated watches can consistently maintain accuracy. For some with higher budgets, you can purchase one with this feature.

There are many more features to consider when choosing a watch, yet these are some essential ones. You can ask the storekeeper for a catalog of the watches and go over the details of specific pieces. 

  1. Take Note Of The Price

Different watches have varying prices depending on the brand, make, materials used, additional features, and many more. Watches can be affordable, less affordable, luxury, or ultra-luxury. When buying a watch, find one of high quality best suited to your budget.

  1. Review The Working Mechanism

The mode of operation of a watch is divided into three categories:

  • Mechanical watches: These watches run with a mainspring and a series of gears. Thus, they don’t use a battery. They’re the most traditional timepieces and are associated with elegance. However, they’re expensive and may have tendencies of inaccurate time display.
  • Automatic watches: These watches are powered by a spinning rotor, whose motion depends on moving your wrist. Thus, the automatic movement of the mainspring is in the watch. They’re vintage and classy selections. However, they could be less accurate and more expensive than mechanical watches due to the craftsmanship involved in their making.
  • Quartz watches: These are the most common types due to their accuracy and affordability. They run on batteries and are robust. Given this, most sports and field watches have the quartz element. However, the watch’s hands don’t move as smoothly as mechanical and automatic watches.
Seller shows the client an exclusive men’s watch standing next to open showcase in the luxury jewelry store

With this information, you can select a watch that offers you the ease of use and is friendly to your pockets.


Before buying a watch, it’s essential to look into some factors first. The watches’ brand, price, display, working mechanism, and occasion to use it are some. All these considerations will guide you into selecting the watch that’ll perfectly fit your style and budget. Also, it could help you give that shine with your timepiece on your wrist.


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