3 Different Types of Watches You Can Buy Yourself in 2021



When people buy a watch, the common trail of thought is that we pick one for style. However, watches have gone above and beyond being fashion statements. With all the improvements in watch technology, it has become tougher to choose a watch that fits all of your needs.


It’s no longer a secret that the watch industry is consistently growing. Top brands like Rolex and Casio are still pretty much in. However, there’s now an endless selection of other brands and watch types that you may want to add to your growing collection this 2021.


If you don’t have the budget to buy every kind of watch you see at a store, then it’s a must that you become an informed buyer first. Here are some of the best watches you can buy this year.


Smartwatches began to come around during the early 2010s. During their early versions, the common complaint about these expensive wearable techs is that they often don’t have enough features to back their price tag. Almost a decade later, the technology behind wearable tech has improved greatly making smartwatches a great buy.


Only top brands like Samsung, Apple, and Sony were in contention for the market years ago. Wearable tech gurus say that the influx of smartwatch manufacturers is good for the industry. Now, more and more companies are creating revolutionary smartwatches.

One of the best watches on the market currently is the Apple Watch SE. This stylish watch features a 1.78” OLED screen, 18 hours of battery life, and a storage of 32GB above all else. The only downside to it is that it’s only compatible with iPhones and nothing else.


If you have an Android phone, then it’s best to go for other options like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and the Fitbit Versa. These are compatible with many phones and they rival the Apple Watch SE in terms of specs and features.


Smartwatches are very important this 2021. One thing worth noting that like smartphones, smartwatches help you stay connected to the internet. It’s a must in this day and age where it’s important that you are always up-to-date about the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.


Another use for these smartwatches is that they are excellent if you are an outdoorsy person. These smartwatches also come with special fitness trackers that make working out more intensive as you are now able to keep track of things such as your heart rate.


Smartwatches aren’t as expensive as luxury watches from top brands. However, they’re still pricier as compared to regular watches but considering the number of features they have, the purchase is worth it.


Hybrid Watches

No matter what happens in the watch industry, analog watches are always going to be in. Watch connoisseurs from say that analogs are always a classic but that doesn’t mean that you should disregard the style and flair that digital watches bring. Most people find themselves stuck between picking one of these two watches. 


This 2021, the choice is narrowed down and the winner is… the hybrid watch.


By the name itself, it’s apparent that hybrid watches are a mix between analog and digital watches.  At a glance, hybrid watches look like your regular analog watch. They have the hour, minute, and second hands which give you the classic regal look that analog watches are known for.


Instead of regular hands, however, the hands on hybrid watches are digital and are displayed usually from an LCD screen. This gives your watch a more modern flair as well. There are hybrid watches that are just analog watches made to look better. 


However, some hybrid watches function like smartwatches as they have apps and other great features found in smartwatches as well.


Hybrid watches give you the benefits of digital and smartwatches which is their convenience and durability. At the same time, they also do away with the common problems with analog watches which is the fact that the hands tend to get damaged over time.


As it is a mix of both the old and the new, hybrid watches appeal to both the young and the old. It’s a must that you consider buying one this year.

Fitness Trackers

A lot of people tend to confuse smartwatches with fitness trackers. However, these two are very different. Some smartwatches have the same features as fitness trackers. However, if you are looking for an intensive fitness buddy, then you want to go with fitness trackers instead.


Fitness trackers come with various features that help with your health tracking. These include heart rate trackers, as well as GPS tracking when you’re jogging. These devices are also compatible with apps that make health monitoring even easier to do. It’s best to go with fitness trackers that have dedicated apps.


These devices also often have longer battery lives as compared to smartwatches. They are more perfect if you are the outdoorsy type as these do feature better durability precautions such as shock and waterproofing as well.


The truth is that fitness trackers do less than smartwatches. However, if you are looking for something cheaper, then fitness trackers are arguably the best option.


You can get a good fitness tracker for around $100. You can’t get a decent smartwatch for the same price. Smartwatches cost around $300-$500. Some even cost more than low-end smartphones. If it’s fitness monitoring that you really are after, then you may want to go with fitness trackers.


If the budget permits though, then the better option would be to go with smartwatches instead. As the years go by, the line between fitness trackers and smartwatches continues to become more blurred. This 2021 however, fitness trackers are still going strong.


These are the types of watches you may want to consider adding to your arsenal this year. You are looking at spending at least $400-$1000 for these watches so make sure you pick the one that you really like. It’s a must that you do intensive research on them as well.

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