Top Tips From Beauty Experts For Both Men And Women To Look Trendy And Fashionable


Trends come and go. It can be hard to stay on top of what’s in and what’s out. If you are looking to up your style and fashion game, you’re in the right place. Here are the top tips from beauty experts for both men and women. 

Use SPF 

Okay, we know you’ve heard this a million times, but it still rings true. Protecting your skin from sun damage is key to retaining good skin. Good skin is an asset to any outfit and will help you look younger and healthier. If you don’t currently include SPF in your skincare routine, it’s time to add it and get ritualistic about it. You need to apply SPF every day, even if you aren’t going out. No, it’s not a waste! Unless you live in a windowless house, UV rays are still coming in through your windows. 

SPF must be applied, especially if you are using actives in your skincare routine, such as azelaic acid or retinol. If you’re using skincare with any active ingredients, SPF must be your top priority. Otherwise, you risk causing serious damage to your skin. This damage can take a lot of time, effort, and money to repair. Do yourself a favor and prevent yourself from suffering easily preventable damage. 

Choose Flattering Clothing 

Whatever your gender is, flattering clothing is a must. This doesn’t mean it needs to be tight or fitting, it just means it should flatter your style and body. Everyone has a different body, and the same item can look different on people depending on their individual body shape. Embrace this! Use this to guide you with the clothing you buy and the outfits you wear, choose to flatter the parts of your body that you like and want to accentuate. Even if this is something small like your collarbones. If you’re a fan of your collarbones and want to flaunt them a little, choose tops that subtly show them off. Clothing can make a huge difference to how we feel about ourselves, so focus on choosing fits that you truly love. This energy will truly radiate and present you as someone confident and content. 


Your hair can be a great accessory. Healthy-looking hair is a real asset to any outfit. Look after your hair based on your individual hair type. If you have dry hair, focus on moisturizing products and avoid unnecessary heat damage. If you have curly hair, choose products that cater to curly hair. Eat well to maintain healthy hair, take supplements if necessary, and get regular trims. If you want some extra help, this site showcases the different haircuts you can get to maintain healthy hair. They are often more affordable than you might think, and regular trims help keep your hair healthy. It will get rid of split ends and help it grow well. 

Pay Attention To The Details 

The details are what give your outfits that X factor. If you’re wearing a shirt, tuck it in well, or go for a half in, half outlook. Whatever your style, pay attention to the small details. Wear complementary accessories and ensure your outfit is well balanced. For example, if you have a lot of print or color going on in the clothing, don’t overdo it with the accessories. Similarly, a plainer outfit can be enhanced with jewelry or hats. Of course, if that’s your personal style you can certainly go crazy with textures, colors, and patterns. Just note where you can balance out an outfit to enhance it a little more and look more trendy. 

Dress For The Occasion 

Dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are going to work, try to look smart and presentable while also weaving in your personal style. This could be something like statement jewelry or funky socks. Dress the way you want others to perceive you, if you have an important meeting, dress the way you want to come across. This can often give you a pep in your step and help you out in ways you don’t even realize. Your outfits and fashion choices make a much bigger statement than just being items of clothing that cover your body. They convey personal taste, personality, thoughts, and ideas. Allow yourself to be expressed through your choices. 

If you are looking to make more trendy and fashionable choices, use this as a guide. Take good care of yourself, both inside and out. Choose pieces that reflect you and the person you want to be. You can choose to honor yourself today and the person you aspire to become. Pay attention to the details of your outfit as this can make all the difference. 



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