Pear shaped women are rounder around the waist, upper abdomen, bottom and thighs. While the bust and shoulders are slimmer. Beyoncé, JLO, Ciara,Christina Aguilera,  Skakira, Kelly Clarkson, and Eva Longoria all have pear-shaped bodies. The challenge for Pear shapes is to create a balance between the upper and lower body.

The key to dressing a pear body type is to enhance and add volume (or the illusion of volume) to your upper body while emphasizing your waist and de-emphasizing your lower body to create a balanced, hourglass appearance. Create the most curvaceous effect by mixing and matching separates.

Shapely Signs
You have longer legs and lower body than upper.
You have a smaller bust.
Your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders.
Your upper body is weaker than your lower body.
You experience lower back pain and less flexibility in your legs.
You tend to put on weight in your thighs and legs.


If you are pear shaped you should wear tops and that jackets that will accentuate your slender upper body while also creating a fuller illusion at the right places to achieve that balance with your hips that are larger. V or U necks , padding or embellishments on shoulders, crop tops, horizontal stripes are all good choices.

Pear shaped women should wear pants and skirts that gives the illusion of reducing the lower half by elongation or slimming. Wear darker colors and clean straight lines. Wide leg pants or straight leg pants or jeans They should also wear A line skirts that are fitted at the hips

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: the hipbone is the line when all tops and jackets should end on a pear shaped figure, because this visually divides your body into two halves, minimizing the lower half. Stay away from any jackets that are too long and do not give you that visual break, they will only make your bottom half look bigger.
Balance is the key to pear shape fashion and a hip-length top or jacket will make it happen!

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: how to wear a pencil skirt. try to balance it out by adding more volume to your upper part with a bright or light-colored blouse and add an extra inch to your shoewear. If you want your hips and legs to appear leaner, go for a pencil skirt with two darts in the front.

Professional Pencil Skirts: Perfect for pear and hourglass figures

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: it’s all about getting the illusion of balance.

1) Empire Waist will emphasize your waist and “slim” down your hips; are best worn right above the knee.

2) A-line; looks like it’s flaring out like an A.

3) Wrapped dresses: creates a ruching to the side of the dress that effectively hides and flatters your hip and tummy area. 4) Shoes; nude color shoes help elongate your legs and adds more height.


PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: Wrap dresses are the best way to balance out a larger bottom. Most wrap dresses work beautifully because they have an A-line bottom. Showing a little cleavage will bring the focal point upwards, drawing attention away from your bottom half.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN:  If you choose to downplay your curves wear  dark wash jeans or black dress pants. Vertical details will slim down the hip-area (pleats, stitches & visible zippers). Tops, sweaters and jackets that extend just below your hipbone helps makes your hip look smaller.

Accentuate your upper body: Necklines stretching horizontally (boat neck, straight, etc.). Bright & bold colors (reds, orange, electric blue, etc.). Details such as stripes, polkadots, sequins, zippers, large collar/lapels, other eye catching embellishments.

Bell & kimono sleeves. Bust-enhancing necklines (bustier & sweetheart). A good push-up bra. Scarves.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: How To Create Visual Balance between your top & lower half by wearing clothes that make your shoulders look broader.Jackets & tops need to finish above or below the widest point of your hips & bottom

Layering on your top half creates visual interest and draws the eye upwards. Wear volume, clutter, pattern, color on your top half, so hips and thighs will seem narrower. Wear fitted styles around your waist and always accentuate your waistline.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: Bright on top, dark on bottom. Outfits for pear shaped women are all about balance – unless we decide to show off our curvy hips and derriere. There are many ways to create balance – fabrics, embellishments, color. A bright shirt to makes the top half visually appear wider. The dark trousers are doing the exact opposite: make the lower half look slimmer.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: The main goal of this type of woman is to emphasize the waistline, which is really small, and broaden the shoulders in order to balance out the proportions of the body.  Wear fitted styles around your waist and always accentuate your waistline e.g. empire line, wraps, fitted lines

For this reason, belts worn on the waist and cap sleeves are always a great solution.

Fashion Tip for Triangle or Pear Shaped Body Types. Draw attention to your upper body & keep the eyes away from your thighs and hips. Wear accessories and designs to draw attention to your upper body. Examples: wear larger necklaces.

To take focus off your hips, wear garments to emphasize your waist, skirts and dresses that are straight or slightly flared: a-line skirt or dress.

Wear low-rise pants that are boot cut or straight leg. Boot cut jeans, fitted at hips and bottom, are the most flattering trouser shapes for pear shape bodies.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN:  Color blocking swimsuits  are a good choice because by putting the slightly lighter color on top it creates a slim effect.

Also choose a swimsuit with cut leg. This is because if you choose a low cut leg it may be drawing a line across your widest part, thereby creating a center of focus, so go for a higher cut and draw the eye upwards. If you’re pear-shaped, an asymmetrical cut flatters. Bathing suits. For extra coverage on the thigh, look for a clean-skirted bottom, a feminine look that offers more coverage. To flatter thighs, a skirted bottom should fall just below the largest part of the upper leg. A plunging neckline or eye-catching top draws the eye upward, minimizing the bottom.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: coats should be tight in the waistline with a belt, with padded shoulders for those that are very little.

The short jackets must cover half of the hip & hug the waist; even for the down jackets, it’s better to avoid the shorter ones. Choose warm fabrics but not the thick ones. Make your shoulders look broader with e.g. shoulder pads, puffed sleeves, cap sleeve t-shirts, boleros

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: If you must wear skinny jeans do not wear low-rise skinny jeans. Do not let your shirts fall to your hips. You want at least a mid-rise. Tuck in your shirts or wear cropped shirts. If you’re wearing skinny jeans and the bottom of your skirt is sitting across your hips that will make your hips look extra wide.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: Pair V-neck blouses with wide-leg pants or an A-line skirt to create an hourglass shape.

Choose jackets that are fitted through the bust and waist but gently flare over hips.

The hipbone is the line when all tops and jackets should end on a pear shaped figure, because this visually divides your body into two halves, minimizing the lower half.

Stay away from any jackets that are too long and do not give you that visual break, they will only make your bottom half look bigger.
PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: make sure is that the dress/skirt has structure (in other words, its not a loosy flowy fabric. It must maintain its shape on its own) and that the skirt/dress goes straight down after the widest part of your hips.

PEAR SHAPED WOMEN: Always wear something darker & slimming on the bottom (dark jeans, slacks, knee-length pencil skirt, or A-line skirt). You don’t always have to wear black on the bottom, but make sure that the bottom is solid in color & darker than what you have on top.

Direct attention to your tops: fun colors, prints, or details at the neck all serve the purpose of drawing the eye away from the hip area. Make sure your tops don’t end at your hips because it draws unnecessary attention there.


Details, belts on hips, patterns, pockets on thigh or hip area

Pleats or creases in your leg line, wide or flared leg lines, Culotes or cropped trousers pinstripe suits, Narrowing leg.

Flared or ruffled sleeve lines, straight skirts or pencil skirt

Dropped waistlines or dropped panels

Ankle straps, kitten heels, delicate footwear, round toe shoes, ankle boots with straps around your calf area.

Bags that sit on your hips


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