Basic Guide on How You Should Wear Your T-shirts like Patriotic Shirts Appropriately




There are various opinions when it comes to t-shirts and style. There is a vast majority of men who are preferring T-shirts as their wardrobe staple as it can also be worn in nearly every occasion with little to no thought. It even lets them show off their love for America by wearing patriotic shirts.

Even so, there are still traditionalists who are very vocal about how t-shirts are utterly juvenile and sloppy and that it should never be worn away from the beach or even outside a gym. Be that as it may, there is always a middle ground because the truth is, t-shirts are equally classic and versatile pieces of clothing that can be appropriately worn on some occasions.

T-shirts may be seen as a simple wardrobe staple, there are still ways that you can wear them better, or not. With this, we will serve as your guide in the ins and outs of getting that stylish, commonsensical approach of wearing a t-shirt along with exploring how, when, and where to rock wearing one.

Where Do T-Shirts Come From — A Short History About T-shirts

Although it may seem that t-shirts are fairly modern, the origin of a t-shirt is that it served as an undershirt which goes back over a century. It is named as T-shirt because of its innate T-shape formed body because of its boxy body and attached sleeves. T-shirts were once made out of wool or silk, and these sets of underwear are usually covering the entire body because these are originally designed to absorb perspiration, and as a barrier between the skin of a man and the more expensive garments that he wants to be protected from bodily soot.

In the Industrial Revolution period, there have been advancements in weaving and in the manufacturing of cotton fabric birthed undergarments and these are now more breathable and can be fitted than the often baggy and rough forerunners. During the 19th century, T-shirts took over the op forms of tops to two-piece union suits that men wore under their clothes. This means that miners and dockworkers took to wearing it alone with their trousers while they are working.

Know When Is the Proper Time to Wear a T-Shirt

The fact the t-shirts started out as underwear should not be a surprise for you, as t-shirts served as a staple for little boys and that it has retained something of its juvenile feel and reputation because t-shirts are the most casual of casual clothing.

Furthermore, t-shirts possess this rugged, iconoclastic history, and I help in maintaining the comfort, accessibility, and practicality that had made t-shirts very popular in the first place. Even if t-shirts are not really appropriate to be worn at a wedding or a funeral, with the right amount of creativity, and if this is what you really want, then you can actually pull it off.

When thinking about whether or not it is appropriate to wear a t-shirt, here are some things that you should take into account:

Think about what the dress code of the event is going to be

There are events where T-shirts are not appropriate especially if it’s formal occasions or situations, even your office’s “Casual Fridays” may not even mean that you should e wearing a t-shirt, well that is if your office is a totally casual office. However, t-shirts are best if it is for other types of activities and hangouts that are loosely organized and generally laid-back.

Think about the build of your body when wearing a t-shirt

One fact that we all know about is that nearly all types of clothes are really looking better when it is being worn on a fit physique, and this equally applies to t-shirts. So if you have an overweight or thin body, your t-shirt will look like it will either cling to and give emphasis on your belly, or it may look like a lifeless skinny frame. Furthermore, the contract of the sleeve and your skin will also draw attention to your pudgy or your bony arms which is why thin and overweight men will be better of with garments like dress shirts and sports jackets because this adds structure to their frame and build out their shoulders.

If you are thinking about making a great first impression, then wearing a t-shirt should be your last resort

If you are meeting with someone important and you want to make a great first impression, then you might not consider wearing t-shirts regardless of your body type. Whenever you are aiming to make a good first impression, it is better that you opt to wear something that is a little sharper so this means that t-shirts can be great when you are just going to hand around a friend’s house or get together with old friends, or you are just running errands. While wearing t-shirts are less ideal when you use them for formal parties and get-togethers wherein you are going to be meeting with a lot of new people.

Some Pro Tips When You Want to Wear Your T-Shirts With Style

Whenever you are wearing a solid-colored white or gray t-shirt, you should wear them with either dark denim or khakis. This creates a classic look that is never going to do you any wrong. T-shirts that have crewnecks are perfect when you pair them with khakis.

You can also pair navy or blue t-shirts with khakis because lighter pants that are paired with the darker shirt is better looking instead of wearing blue-on-blue.

You should also layer it with care, so there are some men that have adopted to wear a sports jacket or a blazer plus a t-shirt look, there are a number of stylists that are not huge fans of this ensemble. So if you want to put a t-shirt under a jacket, the jacket should be casual by considering its texture, softness of the draping, and the natural fabric. But, it is still a smart choice if you choose to wear that t-shirt with a casual button-down.

One final pro tip is to never tuck your tees in, this will make you look nerdy.



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