How to Dress up a T-Shirt for Work: 7 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Fav Tee




Being both basic and versatile, everyone has a reason to have a t-shirt in their wardrobe. You can see a whole selection of shirts in various colors and cuts: V-neck or round neck, plain t-shirt colors, or with eye-catching graphics.

To test how versatile they can be, we will look at some ideas on how to make a t-shirt be something that you can also wear for work. Here are some ideas on how to dress up a t-shirt that passes for the workplace.


1. Blazer and Slacks

Curious as to how to dress up a t-shirt for work? You can start by adding something to layer and coordinate it with. A good starting point would be to go with slacks and a blazer.

This approach works well with any design, giving off a professional vibe when going to the office. For instance, a dark-shaded blazer and a pair of slacks with the same shade would give the t-shirt a notable contrast, like these t-shirts.

2. Blazer and Jeans Variation

A different twist to the first one, you can try a different fabric for your trousers. For instance, you can try a pair of jeans to go with the blazer. While this would depend on the type of environment and style your workplace has, your jeans can go for the dark wash or a darker shade.

Jeans with some degree of distress or tatters may work. A safer bet would be to go without the tatters though.

As for the blazer, play around with the patterns. A surefire bet would still fall to black and dark colors. Make sure to check the season at play to know which one also fits the weather and your level of comfort.

3. Textured Jacket and Leather Leggings

You can also switch out the blazer with a textured jacket for a different approach. This is perfect for the spring season if you prefer a stylish layer to keep you covered. As for leggings, going for black leather adds a unique shine and feel when combined with a black t-shirt.

4. With Full Skirt and Flats

If ever it gets a bit hot, you can disregard the blazer portion and go with a t-shirt along with a different set of bottoms. In this case, try it with a full skirt and a pair of flats. Lace-up flats would work well with this.

5. Pinstriped Trousers With Jacket

An interesting variation of the blazer and slacks combo is to go with a pair of pinstriped trousers for your bottoms. As for the jacket, you can go with denim for a touch of color. This works if you have a black and white scheme for the shirt and trousers.

6. Pinstriped Dress With Leather Jacket

Going beyond the slacks suggestion, you can switch it around by using a pinstriped dress instead. Combined with a leather jacket, you have that classy look while heading off to work.

7. Longline Sweater Vest With Dress Pants

Great for both work from home and at work, a longline sweater vest matches well with a t-shirt and a pair of dress pants. You can match the colors of the sweater and pants while the t-shirt provides the contrast. You can also coordinate it with a matching color scheme.

Learn How to Dress up a T-Shirt Today

Once you know how to dress up a t-shirt, it can be a versatile piece of clothing that blends well with your outfit. Experiment and play around the versatility it offers for a wonderful look.

Want to learn how to dress up a graphic t-shirt? Check out our blogs and guides to learn more today!

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