Imaan Hammam For Vanity Fair October 2020 Issue


Imaan Hammam For Vanity Fair October 2020 Issue





for Vogue and Elle or on runways for any range of labels. And her ambition is matched by her creativity. Recently she collaborated with Frame, a respected apparel line, on a 20-piece capsule collection filled with low-key, high-impact looks. (She has said the booty shorts are a favorite item.) Another part of Hammam’s appeal—she’s a model, that’s the deal with models—is her looks. To skirt the fact of Hammam’s tremendous, ethereal beauty would be to lie to myself and to the reader. It invites. As a Somali woman, I find her beauty deeply legible and familiar, one I recognize from the feminine spaces in my own life—the kitchen, the garden, and of course, the bathroom, a.k.a. hammam. We have our herbs, turmeric, frankincense, tea leaves, black seed, and henna powder that we got from our mamas. “I always bring my Moroccan roots. Your mom, my mom, they are their own doctors,” she close-talks to me, relating the knowledge with palpable excitement. “Always got her little stash of ingredients and things. I grew up with that,” she continues. One of her ambitions is to launch a beauty brand, she says, pointing out that her last name fits sort of perfectly.




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