It can be great during the summer: we can wear light and brightly coloured clothing, and the temperature may not change much during the day. Sadly it doesn’t stay like this forever, and the days begin to shorten as winter approaches. It can be easy to look bright and summery when it is warm, but what do we do when the weather turns cold? People still want to look nicely dressed, and yet they often choose practical clothes in bland colours. Surely there’s a better way? Let’s find out. 

It’s all about layers 

According to science, going outside with one thick item of clothes is not the answer. When we wear several pieces of clothing, warm air becomes trapped in between and keeps us warm. 

We may need lots of clothes when we travel to work through the wind and the rain. We then arrive and go indoors. Now we need to be dressed for warmer temperatures! This can take a lot of juggling to get things right, and it’s wise to assess the weather forecast each morning. We’ll then know which layers to choose.  

Keep the body warm

We don’t just have to wear jumpers in dull brown or grey colours. According to this site, baja hoodies and drug rugs can be bought in up to 50 colours. They are suitable for all climates, including winter. Genuine Mexican products can certainly buck the trend when it comes to wearing something warm.

An oversize knitted sweater can also protect against the cold. Suitable jerseys can be chosen to use such different fibres as silk, cotton, wool or synthetic. Women can consider wearing a knee-length cardigan. If it has a hood as well, that will be an added plus! Men, why not wear a woolen sweater or knitted cardigan?

Choose resilient footwear

Leather or suede can be a good choice in winter. It never goes out of style, and is very tough. Make sure it is treated for waterproofing, however. Fortunately there are spray products for this. 

Rain, ice and snow can make the ground very slippery, so the soles should be checked before going out. They need to have a good grip, and not be too worn. Men can choose from such stylish boots as brogue boots, work boots, Chelsea boots and the like. 

Hats, scarves and gloves are great

We lose most of our body heat through our extremities. Up to half of it is lost through our heads, so hats can be both practical and elegant. 

Knitted scarves are light and very portable. They can fulfill two functions in one: providing warmth around the neck and head, and adding extra colour to our clothes. 

Leather gloves can be nice and warm, particularly when they are fluffy inside! Woolen gloves may look nice, but their absorbent nature can mean they soak up the rain and make peoples’ hands cold. 

Choose well with coats and feet

Men can wear casual coats such as blazers or denim jackets. There’s also overcoats, trench coats, duffle coats and parkas from which to choose. 

Leather jackets always look trendy. They are waterproof and highly wind resistant. Macs and woolen coats are additional options for ladies. 

Anyone who needs the benefit of multiple layers can apply the same thing to their feet. Wear a thin pair of socks with a thicker pair over the top. Some ladies wear tights or stockings under socks too. 

Stylish legwear is a possibility

Ladies, don’t despair: maxi skirts are still an option in winter! Skirts may expose your legs to the cold but there are solutions. Thick sweaters can help warm a person up, and black or skin coloured tights can keep the legs warm. Heavy knitted leggings are another way to achieve this. 

Many people wear jeans in winter because they are so warm and resilient. Some cheap brands have no style so it’s worth paying a little more for something better.

If the trouser legs are too long it’s not such an issue during the summer, but in winter they can get wet and muddy when they drag on the ground. 

Some final tips

If someone carries a stylish umbrella with them, they will be more protected from the rain. Golfing umbrellas are larger than average, and can reduce the need to wear rainproof clothes. 

Ladies can still wear makeup during the winter, but may need to carry a concealer with them, in case their makeup is affected. Wipes are also a lifesaver if the rain makes a person’s mascara run!

When a person dresses wisely, they don’t have to be too hot or too cold. Their clothing can be bright and cheery, and layers help people vary their outfit according to the temperature. 



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