How to Choose Your Wardrobe For College


How to Choose Your Wardrobe for College



College days are not only super fun in everyone’s life, but they also teach us a lot of life-saving lessons. Apart from formal education, organizing your wardrobe is one of them. 

Here, we have handpicked some fantastic plus helpful tips to put your college wardrobe in order. Let’s crack on!

Opt-out some classic genre for your college wardrobe basis 

Since dorms offer a limited amount of storage, you cannot cram them with stacks of outfits. Choosing a few yet apt sets of college wardrobe essentials is the necessary task for every student if he/she wishes to save themselves from clutter and tiring outfit-selection-process. Besides, you can now devote your precious time more to the crucial things such as preparing for exams and practicing resume rewrite to guard your career.

You might want to look out for some new, contemporary fashion pieces, but classic genres are here to stay for a lifetime. Because trends come and go, choosing some classic and timeless outfits that will last long is a wise decision. Sort out the basis of your college wardrobe with some basic yet classic attires. A comfy white dress shirt complimented with neat trousers and blazer can be your go-to college style. You can pair your straight shirts or tees with light blue jeans for a quick and casual look. Combinations are endless! 

Moreover, basic cardigans, cool knits, high-waist skirts, simple pumps, flats and sneakers are some of the college wardrobe essentials you will need almost every day for your course classes. Such kinds of outfits do not only exude elegance and sophistication, but they look perfectly appropriate for your educational institution. They are comfortable too and can go for a longer run. Avoid flashy colors, ripped pants, sloppy dresses and weird hairstyles, which only reflects that you do not care about what you are wearing. This will also look quite unsuitable for a college environment. Moreover, the neat and decent dressing will help you win respect and admiration from your peers, friends and teachers. 

Garb yourself as per fashion trends

No freshman wants to look like a freshman! If you want to let your personality speak for itself, following some cool and cozy fashion trends can never go wrong. Worrying about your homework preparations is common, but you can leave that to some proficient and helpful college essay writing service. They can assist you with your paper assignments, saving a lot of your time and efforts. 

Instead, take out some time to buy yourself a few trendy and versatile outfits that may come handy at your frat parties and dinner dates. A simple denim dress, loose sundress, chic sweater, and exquisite sandals or ballet flat will work best for your nightlife and even for your professional gatherings. Still, if you cannot manage shopping out, fashionable and cute college outfits can also be purchased online via reliable shopping sites.

Keep in mind that people do notice what you are wearing. Especially being young, you cannot afford to look unbecoming, feeling bad at the end of your college term. Dressing up for your class is not only essential but necessary to exhibit positive vibes among your social circle, along with your professors and lecturers. So, prepare to look nice without putting excessive time and effort by choosing proper apparels. 

Introduce a lovely color palette to your wardrobe 


Do not go boring when it comes to picking out colors for your dresses. Instead, add some color to your looks! Choose a brilliant set of colors for your outfits. That way, your wardrobe becomes aesthetically mixable, offering you a variety of vibrant options and fun combinations. Besides, if you want your colorful outfits to go beautifully well with each other, be bright and versatile! 

For instance, you can combine a cute pink tank top with white leggings or a white blouse with a black knitted vest. Finish the look with blue jeans and a belt. For casual outings or out-of-college walks, a pencil skirt with a comfy jacket of a different shade or navy blue suit with brown brogues will steal the limelight! 

Do not forget to choose clothes that are easy to care for

No wonder laundry bottlenecks frighten every college student out there. With so many things on hand to do, doing laundry only aggravates the student life at campus. It is then far better to pick up those clothes which do not mainly require severe dry-cleaning, and that too with a special kind of detergent. You will also lack time for washing those apparels with your hands or separately from other clothes to prevent it from discoloration or getting frayed. Simply, avoid delicate outfits, and try to settle on low-maintenance clothes. Not only such clothes keep you comfortable all the time, but you will also be stress-free about their being torn or ruined. 

Sometimes, it is the only one thing that might go unavailable from your wardrobe, forcing you to go to the laundry area. Few examples of such things include a t-shirt, pants or an undergarment. For this purpose, try to estimate how many different shirts, jeans, trousers and jackets you will need if you do your laundry, say, every two weeks. This way, you can get rid of laundry gridlocks, and will have an appropriate set of attire to wear. 

Give attention to other accessories as well

Students often forget common accessories to put into their college wardrobes. You might need a particular pair of joggers for your sports and outdoor gatherings. Similarly, hair accessories such as hair bands, hairpins, clips and sweatbands are basic items you will need during your term. Additionally, a stylish backpack, a comprehensive folder with zipper, luggage bag, and a bulk bag of nylon or leather material to be worn comfortably everywhere are essentials you must give notice to. Here again, do not go for dreary and unexciting colors. Plus, chestnut briefcases are also not a good option. Opt for some cool and trendy accessories for your college closet.  

Your college wardrobe should be revamped in such a state that you will not need to spend minutes on deciding what to wear. Whether you need to go out for sports or attending a conference or seminar, you should need a minimum time to get ready. Above everything else, you also need to stick to your budget.


These college wardrobe management techniques help you systemize your clothes. Further, following them prevent you from filling too much wardrobe space with items that you would get to wear hardly ever during your college term. Be focused on studying well while being dressed up smartly and gracefully at your campus.


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