How To Choose The Best Trending Glasses For Students


How to Choose the Best Trending Glasses for Students



Whether you are a school-goer or a college student, you should develop your identity. Choosing the right pair of glasses that are trendy and suits your personality is quite important. To help you choose the perfect frame that not only looks trendy but says something, below are five essential rubrics. 

Watch the Trends on Social Media

Tracking fashion trends was never easier before the advent of social media. Fashionistas can obtain the best knowledge about trending items via social media, which is overfilled with thousands of styles, varieties, and designs in fashion goods. So, you need not worry about how to choose your glasses. Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, are a few significant examples where spectacles of every kind with a variety of bright colors, chic frames and diverse sizes are advertised and displayed. You can spend a few bucks on a stylish pair of glasses by working on websites that allow you to write essays for money online

Since student life is not easy with your super busy schedules, you are left with a very small amount of time to spend on social media. However, with several useful websites such as available, which are ready to help you with your assignments and writing papers, you can take a break and consider spending time on social media to watch trends for choosing eyeglass frame. 


Discover Your Face Shape

Here we come at the most critical part you need to consider while picking out your glasses. By discovering the shape of your face, choosing eyeglass frame can get easier. We have discussed here five primary face shapes so you can easily select the right glasses for your face shape:

 Oval Face: An oval face has balanced proportions, and that’s why it is considered the most versatile to fit. However, eyeglass frames that are wider than the broadest part of the face are perfect for an oval face since they maintain the natural balance and symmetry of the face. Walnut-shaped frames, which are neither too deep nor narrow and have strong bridges, will be an excellent pick for your oval face. Avoid overlarge glasses that would cover up more than half of your face. 

  1. Heart-shaped Face: This face shape is widest at the forehead and narrows through to the chin. Choose eyeglasses frames that are wider at the bottom to balance the width of the forehead. Besides, you can also go for square or round glasses with curved edges, which will reduce the appearance of a high and broad forehead. 
  2. Round Face: A round face enjoys softer angles with forehead and jaw of same proportions. To add balance to your round features, opt for square or rectangular eyeglass frames, which must be wider than a round face. Besides, angular, narrow eyeglass frames also look good on the round face as they make it appear slimmer and longer. Don’t pick out round, small and rimless frames. They will make your face look even rounder. 
  3. Diamond Face: Such face shapes are narrow at the forehead and chin, with wide and high cheekbones. Try out rimless, oval frames and cat-eye glasses with distinctive brow lines to highlight your cheekbones and eyes. Avoid wearing narrow frames that will accentuate your broad cheeks. 
  4. Square Face: A square face has a broad forehead and strong jaw with angular lines. For this type of shape, round, oral and narrow frame shapes, having more width than depth, will look the best. Such shapes will balance and add a slimmer appearance to the angles of the square face. Boxy and angular eyeglass frames will accentuate angular features and make a square face look bulky. So avoid such frame shapes. 


Choose Frames That Exude Your Personality


You might be now wondering how to choose glasses that exude your personality. For example, if you consider yourself a cheerful and carefree person, you might prefer a cool and funky pair of glasses with bright colors and larger shapes. Likewise, you can adorn your face with thicker and larger plastic frames with vibrant colors or modern and classic shapes with embellishments and flashy look if you want to show off your fashion and creative side of personality. Students with music and media backgrounds can highlight their personality by wearing multi-colored laminates or eye-catching retro-styled frames. 

People who prefer classic and timeless accessories can buy updated versions of classic eyeglass frames, which have neat finishing, good material and fresh colors. They are sure never to go out of style! However, students can keep two pair of specs with them, a pair to highlight their fun-loving side and another to showcase their executive look. You can also choose your favorite color if it does not clash with your skin tone. 

If you want to know detail-oriented information regarding other technicalities of glasses before choosing them, some of the eye specialist websites can help you learn about the material of frames, bridge fitness, lens material, and warranties. 




Do Your Frames Fit with Your Lifestyle?


Similar to personality, you can opt-out for frames, which match your lifestyle. In addition with their functionality, spectacles should also exhibit wearer’s lifestyle. For example, students enrolled in art and literature degree programs often like to go for aesthetic, vintage, and artistic look for their appearance. However, it is still your choice, whether you are more interested in a retro look, or prefer modern eyeglass frame with bold colors and sharp hinges. Students of engineering and medical science education can opt for sober-looking glasses to give them a geeky and intellectual personality style. 

If you enjoy an athletic lifestyle, sports eyeglasses are best to consider. For your active lifestyle needs, you can don a more casual, fit and sporty eyeglass frame having bright colors, vivid patterns and contemporary combinations of plastic and metal materials. 


Choose Colors That Align with Your Skin Tone

Face shape is not sufficient for deciding the best eyeglass frames; your skin tone is another significant factor you should not avoid. A good set of eyeglass frame will complement your skin tone mainly, but also your hair and eye color to some degree. For best results, single out shades matching your skin tone. 

Skin tones can be categorized as cool and warm. People with blue or pink undertones have a cool complexion. Silver, pink, blue, black, purple, dark tortoise and grey are some of the colors which will suit best on cool skin-toned individuals. Whereas, people who have cream, yellow, golden or bronze cast to their skin have warm skin tone. For them, gold or honey, light tortoise, beige, olive green and brown shades are the ideal colors. 


From your dressing style to your selection of glasses, everything plays a role in manifesting your own style and persona during your student life. If you follow these guidelines, you can easily find yourself the best trending glasses. Make sure you cut a dash in your new specs!


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