Kamala Harris Urges Democrats @ DNC To Create A Plan For Voting



California Sen. Kamala Harris opened the third night of the convention, urging people to create a plan for voting

“I want to talk about the importance of voting,” Harris said, standing in what looked like the backstage of the convention set up in Delaware.

Harris will accept the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential nomination and delivers her acceptance speech later in the program.

The California senator lamented the fact that voters are hearing a lot about “obstacles” to voting, adding that she thinks it is important for people to “to ask ourselves why (Republicans) don’t want us to vote” and “why are there so many effort to silence our voices.”

“The answer,” Harris said, “is because when we vote, things change.”

Harris urged viewers to create a voting plan and closed the short message by saying, “I’ll see you a little later tonight.”

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