MakeUp Tips For Dark Skin Women


 Tips foundation for dark skin women



Tips foundation for dark skin women
Using a good foundation that is equitable, use a foundation with a light formula. Use a foundation color slightly darker than your skin.

Eyeshadow for dark skin women
For the best eyeshadow is used to further affirm the eye, use colors such as almond, brown, burgundy, copper and bronze color so this is a suitable color for dark skin women.

Blush-on for dark skin women
Better if you use a purplish brown or peach, orange to your cheek area, use in cheekbones, forehead and nose with a slight sweep bronzer so you look beautiful and great.

Lipstick for dark skin women
For lipstick that suits your lips pick a toffee color, brown or a nude color lip gloss, because these colors according to your skin.

So with the tips above then you will look beautiful, you better use of cosmetic ingredients are natural so your skin is not damaged, you should consult a dermatologist to be safe and healthy.


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