Must-Try Skin Care Trends To Achieve Better Looking Skin 


Must-Try Skin Care Trends To Achieve Better Looking Skin 

The global cosmetics market is believed to exceed USD $390 billion by the year 2024. According to Market Watch, changing lifestyle, demand for more natural skincare products, and smart marketing are the driving forces behind it. This is not surprising as customers are becoming smarter when it comes to their skin care choices. People nowadays prefer to go down the healthier route for their skin, from boosting their immune system, to increasing their water intake, and making their own facial masks too.

Demand for Clean Ingredients Continues

With consumers becoming more aware of the ingredients used on skin care products, many are turning to cleaner ingredients for their skin. These are products that use more organic or plant-based ingredients compared to chemical based ones just like First Aid Beauty. This brand is first in the market to deliver skin care solutions using clean ingredients that will not cause further irritations. And because they are transparent with the ingredients they are using, we will see more companies following their footsteps.

Personalized Skin Care Solutions  

The combination of technology and personalized skin care is one of the most awaited trends this year. Dermatologists are using personalized skin solutions already, but we will see more genomics being conducted. Genomics will involve the use of blood tests to come up with a specific skin care treatment for customers. Artificial intelligence is being utilized to help narrow down appropriate skin care products by measuring the skin. Even facial recognition is being used to help find the right regimen for customers based on their skin’s condition.

Cosmo-ceutical-Grade Ingredients Are In 

Dermatologists agree that we will be seeing more cosmeceutical-grade ingredients being used in many skin care products. One example here is the cinnamomum tamala extract, which contains flavonoids and phenols that are good for the skin. Integrating this ingredient in many cosmetics and skin care products can help fight excess sebum, erythema, as well as melanin. Dermatologists are excited to use newer and safer ingredients to help with treating skin conditions.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments 

We will be seeing more platelet-rich plasma treatments (PRP) as dermatologists are unlocking its benefits post treatment. Platelets have been found to work just like stem cells when they are put back in the skin. This is how dormant hair follicles are woken up by introducing platelet-rich plasma into the skin. The combination of microneedling and platelet-rich plasma produces faster relief post treatment, which is better than before. It is possible that PRP will be used to get rid of under eye circles by stimulating collagen production for a more youthful appearance.

The growth of the skincare industry is going nowhere but up over the years, as the demand for safer skin care products will continue. Fortunately, we are seeing companies trying to offer safer options to their customers through personalized skin care products, PRPs, and clean ingredients today.

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