How To Apply Makeup For Beginners


What is Needed to Apply Makeup

Makeup brushes

Beauty blender sponge

Primer or moisturiser




Brow pencil






You want to have a nice base to apply makeup on so Wash and cleanse your face with warm water or use a face wipe to clear your face of any residue makeup, dirt or oil. This is aimed at preventing the clogging of skin pores caused by a mixture of residue makeup, dirt and sweat.

Apply concealer

What concealer does is to cover up any spots, blemishes, patches and pimples on one’s skin and give the impression of a flawless and uniform coloured skin.

Use a brush or your hands (clean) to apply concealer evenly over the dark patches on your skin and blend it in with your natural skin tone.

Follow up with foundation

I personally like to use liquid foundation, but foundation can also come in powder form and cream as well. Powder foundation usually comes with a powder puff that you can use to apply over your skin.

For liquid foundation, you may inevitably need to use your hands to evenly spread it all over your face.

This is risky; as your fingers often carry bacteria so ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean before doing so.

Always choose a foundation that is as close to your natural skin colour as possible.

If you are unsure about this, visit a makeup store in town and ask for the foundation that matches your skin colour.

Many of the girls that work in makeup shops are well versed with the different shade of foundation for various skins and may even offer you free samples.

Set your foundation

To ensure that your foundation lasts longer, apply a setting powder over it to keep it in place against the effects of heat and therefore sweat.

Apply a highlighter

Like the name suggests, a highlighter helps highlight the part of your face that you want to stand out. You can apply highlighter over the bridge of your nose, lower chin and the arch above your eyebrows.

Then contour

Contouring is the opposite of highlighting and is often used as a mechanism of creating depth. Use a powder that is a shade darker than your foundation to do this.

In the modelling industry contouring is often used to create imaginary check bones by apply a darker powder just below the check to give the illusion of cheek bones.

Blush to your cheeks

A deep red blush is perfect for most skin tones while lighter colours such as pink and bright red can make for good blush for lighter skinned girls.

The trick here is to not overdo it as you risk coming across as a clown.

Eye shadow and lipstick

Lastly fill out your eyebrows with a brown eye pencil, by all means avoid using black eye-pencil and proceed to choose a matching lipstick and eye shadow colour.

Start by drawing eyeliner just below your eyelashes to make your eyes pop then follow it up with eye-shadow.

Eye-shadow is considered hard to apply but it shouldn’t be.

Start with a lighter shade in the corner of your eye and follow it with a darker shade as you draw your eye out.

After you have done that, remember to add a lighter colour to your brow bone, the space under your eyebrows and blend it into your overall eye-shadow.

And lastly outline your lips with a lip-liner of your choice, this should come in a darker color than you lipstick and then draw lipstick all over it.

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