The rectangle body shape is also called banana or ruler shape because of its straight lines.

Rectangle body shapes are somewhat common and can be seen in many fashion magazines , alot of models have a rectangle body type.  Celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Nicole Ritchie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Middleton, Uma Thurman, Kate Moss, Anne Hathaway  all have a“boyish” rectangle body shape.


If you have a rectangle body shape you have many choices in  their clothes selection.  A person can wear clothes in layers as their bodies do not have parts that would add unwanted volume.

Signs you have a rectangle shape

  • Your hips and bust are balanced but your waist is not very defined
  • Your waist measures 1′ to 8′ smaller than your bust
  • Your legs are shapely and one of your best assets
  • Your bottom is more flat than round
  • You tend to gain weight in your torso first then upper thighs and arms



The lack of  of an undefined waist and curves can  be balanced out by wearing accessories   and clothes which draws attention to the bust and waist, while moving away from those that create up and down straight lines.

You need to create the illusion of a waist.

  • Keep your silhouette uncluttered
  • Unstructured jackets that gently shape the waist
  • Hip and bottom details are good – as long they create gentle curves


Boat neck, V, U, sweetheart necklines also belted jackets and tops to create a visual V towards your waist. You can also wear embellished, ruffled blouses and shoulder detailing to create curves in your upper body. Off the shoulder tops are good also.

how-to-dress-a rectangle-shape

You have smaller bust and a straight shape so you have to wear tops that create a more feminine silhouette and curves by defining the waist.

Fitted Blazers with shoulder pads to define the waist.

Embellishments or pockets around the shoulders and bust

Tops that are flowy around the bust


  • Vertical patterns as they emphasize the up and down  straight lines
  • Square neck tops
  • Fitted tops


The goal is  for the rectangle shape is to create  a proportional balance between the upper and lower body by adding to  your curves and legs.

Skinny jeans, Tapered trousers, bootleg cuts and capri pants will suit your shape. Look for detailing such as pockets on trousers to create curves and use flowy fabrics (eg summer shorts) to soften your boyish figure

Bottoms with large back pockets.

Low rise and figure hugging jeans.

A – line and pencil skirts will cinch the waist

The rectangle shape should avoid baggy styles, flares that are too wide, and straight skirts.


DRESSES Wrap dresses and Halter tops are good for the rectangle shape. If you have larger breats then you should wear a lower neckline which shows skin and vertically breaks up the chest area


SWIMWEAR:Moderate to full coverage bottoms (light, bright & patterned) and similarly ruffled, padded and push up bikini tops / tankinis.



  • Details at the waist such as noticeable waistband; high-waisted trousers; belted jackets and coats at the front
  • Straight lines from top to toe e.g. straight jacket worn with straight trousers/with pin stripes/with a pencil skirt
  • Boxy jackets or coats as well double breasted coats and jackets; boxy pleats
  • Fussy, busy or droopy style in your clothing
  • Rectangle shaped bags or clutch bags
  • Square toe shoes
  • Vertical patterns as they emphasize the up and down  straight lines
  • Square neck tops
  • Fitted tops



Problem: rectangle body shapes lack curves (chest, waist, hips and bottom) – which may make them look less feminine.


Benefits: rectangle bodies are the easiest type to dress, as most clothes will fit them and most styles will suit them.

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