Different waistline styles in women dressing is known to enhance the positive features of a particular body type which will make for an elegant look in you. You can wear dresses for informal as well as formal events and hence you need to select the right choice to look at the topmost of the beauties present in the party.





Natural Waistline is a style wherein the line of the waist definition falls beneath the belly button and has a natural depiction at the waist part of your body. This kind of style is an excellent choice if you have an hourglass figure. However if you have a n apple shaped body then you should not go for this one as it will just not suit the wide waist look you have in the frame rather than the hip.

The narrowest part of the body between the ribs and the hips is where the natural waist hits. A Natural Waistline creates balance. This waistline is great for those who have a natural hourglass figure. Those who are apple-shaped (the waist is wider than the hips) should avoid this waistline; it will only serve to accent the thickness of the waist.

Empire Waistline has a bodice design where in the style begins from underneath the chest region in women. This has a higher fit of the waistline which enhances the flow of the body figure eminently for the ones having short height. This dress waistline type will make you seem taller.

If you have smaller bust then you can have this pattern as your upper torso will look much healthier. Thick waist people will also benefit from it due to the free flowing pattern of the skirt the dresses of such kind have.

Basque Waistline Style forms a figure shape of U or V just below the natural waistline for almost two to three inches. You will look more slender in this type of dress as the hips and the waist look much more in balance with each other due to the elongation illusion the waistline type creates.

It is not advisable however for women who have pear shaped body as this style might draw more attention to the lower side of the belly which will be disadvantaged in such body frame. Women who have squarer frame should also not opt for this waistline dress.

Dropped Waistline Style is the one wherein the dresses have this definition below the natural waistline for almost three to five inches. It lingers and originates mostly around or at the hips. This category dresses will naturally make your midsection look longer. Therefore these are good for women who have slim figure as it will create a look of hourglass body frame.

This style is also an excellent choice for women who have wide hips and fuller body at upper torso with short waist. However if you are the one who has heighted frame then you should not adopt these kind of dresses from the risk of making your legs shorter and the midsection appear much more elongated than necessary.

Asymmetrical Waistline Style has a diagonal expression by originating at the point of the natural waistline and extending in a slant way to the point of drooped waistline. Women who have a full figure will look gorgeous in this kind of dress. However if you have short height, you should not opt for this waistline style as this will just make you appear shorter.



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