What Makes Steampunk Fashion Fascinating For Women ?



The beauty of fashion is that, besides making people look good, it offers a way to express their feelings and perfectly helps them represent how they view the world. Steampunk fashion, a new and very intriguing style, allows enthusiasts to create, feel, and live in a sci-fi industrial steampunk age. This 19th-century fashion, which is now gaining popularity, is gradually becoming a go-to style for women looking to spice up their wardrobe. People mostly view steampunk as Halloween costumes, but in truth, this fashion style represents far more than that, especially for women. Its combination of old and modern fashion styles and tech accessories allows women to portray their elegance and beauty in ways few fashion styles can capture. Further in this article, we will look into what makes this fashion style very interesting for women and what it represents for them.

Why Steampunk Fascinates Women ?

Among all genres in fashion, steampunk is one of the few that gives women creative control over what should be added and subtracted from their dresses without looking weird. This freedom increases steampunk diversity by allowing the creation of subgenres tied to individual personalities. The more women can imprint and represent themselves through their dresses, the more confident and beautiful they become. Women who have successfully achieved this have been categorized as really strong women as steampunk represents a fictional industrial era where both men and women were equal across all fields. 

A section of steampunk that fascinates women that’s not largely discussed is the accessories. Steampunk has some of the most beautiful and complex accessories in the fashion industry. Most of these accessories, which are designed to look like clocks and engine parts, have found their way into the hearts of women who now include them in their regular outfits.

Wearing any of these accessories in the form of wristwatches, earrings, belts, rings, and necklaces gives a woman a sense or feeling of being part of something special. An interesting fact about steampunk accessories is that engine parts of damaged machines around the home can be creatively turned into steampunk accessories.

Judging from the high number of women embracing this new fashion style, it’s safe to say that the steampunk fashion trend will play a major role in creating a more equal and inclusive society.  

Steampunk Fashion Diversity

Thanks to the freedom within the steampunk fashion space to personalize styles, there are dozens of steampunk styles available on the internet. Here are some of the most interesting and creative ones.

Traditional Steampunk

This is the combination of traditional British formal attire with some steampunk accessories. In this style, the woman wears a regular flee gown with leather steampunk boots, a black jacket designed with metal wires, and goggles made from gearbox parts. 

Pirate Style

Here the women dress like a pirate but in a more exciting and complicated way. This style of steampunk tends to make women look more sexy and attractive. Wear leather shorts with a sleeveless shirt tied with a rope to copy this style. Your steampunk boot must also be leather with lots of metal moving parts. Accessories such as swords, pirate compasses, and necklaces should be included in the mix.


Aviator Steampunk Style

Women who created this style did so in honor of pilots who died during the world war. The style includes wearing a short steampunk skirt and an air marshal hat with a long sleeve jacket. Lots of accessories such as compasses, watches, and military honors are designed in steampunk style.

Bottom Line

As a woman looking to create or wear any steampunk style, be confident and express yourself through your dress. Also, note that steampunk dresses can be purchased both online and in local boutiques.


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