These Tips Will Help You Keep Your AC In Great Condition


‘For the longevity of the system and the welfare of the family, air conditioning maintenance is crucial. For the highest possible air quality, home air conditioners need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. For the filters, coils, and fins on air conditioners to operate consistently and efficiently over the course of their many years of use, frequent maintenance is necessary. 

Otherwise, neglecting air conditioner maintenance causes the quality of air conditioner operation to progressively deteriorate as energy usage rises steadily. Hygiene is the second, though no less significant, reason for routine air conditioning maintenance. This is because mold, fungus, and various germs thrive in air conditioners and are blown into your area when they are operating as a consequence of poor AC maintenance. 

Therefore, here are some tips that will help you keep your AC in great condition!

Cleaning the filters as part of air conditioner maintenance

Statistics also demonstrate how crucial cleaning the air conditioner is. If done consistently over a long period of time, you can expect an efficiency of over 90 percent. As a result, you won’t need to break the bank on repairs or replacements.

The frequent replacement and cleaning of filters for air conditioners is the most crucial aspect of keeping your AC in good condition. Filters that are closed and dirty obstruct airflow and dramatically lower system efficiency. When there is a regular airflow, the air that bypasses the filter might bring dirt right into the spiral coil, lowering its capacity to absorb heat. This way, the energy usage of the air conditioner can be decreased by more than 12% by replacing a filthy filter with a clean one. 

Air filters 

One of the key components of any air conditioner is the filter. From mechanical to electrostatic to anti-allergic to ionizers, they remove 98 percent of the air’s hazardous elements. By doing this, you can guarantee that the air within your house is clean, protecting everyone’s health.

Cleaning the filters is also a necessary aspect of winter air conditioner maintenance since allergens, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other contaminants accumulate on them.

Remember that the filters are quite delicate. Therefore, avoid cleaning with a vacuum since you risk doing irreparable harm. 

Filters come in a variety of varieties and levels of effectiveness. It is important to mention that during the summer and winter, when AC is mostly on, filters should be cleaned or replaced more frequently, which means once every 6 weeks. The filters require greater maintenance if the air conditioners are used more frequently. The frequency of cleaning the air conditioners must increase if you have pets or if they are in severely dusty conditions. If you want to clean your air conditioner without hiring a professional, you have to unplug it, open the lid, and take out the filters that need to be cleaned. 

However, if you are not experienced and skilled in this, it is best that you call a professional to do it right. There are many air conditioning services that will keep your AC in great condition in a safe and professional manner. This is the most recommended way to maintain your AC. 

Drains and aluminum fins for air conditioners

Over time, evaporators and condensers with aluminum fins may become less efficient at cooling or heating. The effectiveness of air conditioners in removing humidity can be decreased by condensation drainage channels, and too much humidity can damage your walls and be harmful to your health. 

This starts because, throughout their months and years of use, the condenser and fan of the air conditioner gather dirt. Rapid evaporation is prevented with a clean filter. But with time, the vaporizer will gather dust, which, in turn, will lessen the coil’s capacity to heat. Therefore, make sure you check your evaporator coil annually and clean it as necessary to prevent this issue.

Clean the outdoor unit

Make sure to turn off the power supply before beginning any operations. With a broom, clean the area around and around the outdoor unit of any leaves, twigs, or other debris. After using a hose to remove debris like dirt, dust, and bird droppings, let it dry.

Experts advise covering the exterior unit with weatherproof vinyl film or plastic if you won’t be using the air conditioner on cold days. By doing this, you can avoid bird nests, the development of rust, and harm from ice falling on your property.

Check the insulation

Checking the insulation is part of maintaining the air conditioner. Insulation that is rotten or damaged cannot be properly heated or cooled. As a result, the unit must exert more effort to reach the desired temperature. Therefore, apply more insulation in the form of foam to the air conditioner’s exposed pipes. This not only addresses the issue of energy loss, but it also prevents the freezing and burst of pipes and wires.

Electrical examination

There are times when the AC has problems, but the issue isn’t with the machine. The problem is really with the electrical setup or wiring that powers the AC. Before touching an AC whenever you work on one, be sure to check the wiring’s condition and the power connections. This might save you from harm if there is a current in the system or a faulty wire.

Call a professional 

The device’s external unit must also be maintained, and this already demands knowledge. Because only a professional can properly inspect the gas, compressor, or fan, it is recommended to call one of the service centers. Your assistance should be limited to cleaning the outside box and inspecting the drain hose, which could be folded or clogged and prevent the condensed water from draining properly. Although you can clean it yourself, it is wiser to get a professional to take care of the remainder of the equipment.

Even though the air conditioner is helpful, if you don’t clean and maintain it properly, it could be dangerous. We provide you with some useful advice on how to clean the air conditioner in order to prevent this from happening. An unmaintained air conditioner can easily lead to the growth of dangerous organisms and a decline in the quality of the air. Do not delay in ensuring clean and fresh air because air conditioners need to be cleaned frequently.


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