How To Keep Yourself Snug & Warm In Bed At Night



We get our fair share of cool evenings here in Australia and so we want to make sure that we get a good night’s sleep but we are also warm in our beds. When it comes time to go to sleep at night, our bodies are actually changing and the temperature reduces the closer it gets to our bedtimes. The body wants to regenerate at this temperature and so we need to do whatever we can to keep the temperature stable in our bedrooms. If it’s too cold then it can really affect your sleep and you’re going to wake up in the morning not rested and so not able to give your best effort for the day that lies ahead.

Thankfully many of us prepare well for these cold evenings and so we all strive to make sure that we have a quilt that can keep us warm. It is important that you buy wool quilt because this natural fibre is perfect for controlling your body temperature and it is incredibly soft and comfortable as well. If you feel you’re missing out on a proper night’s sleep including deep sleep, then maybe the following can help you to keep yourself snug and warm in bed at night.

  • Cover yourself with a quilt – the great thing about quilts is that they are able to keep us warm in winter and cool in summer and this is why people wear quilted jackets and coats. It is the perfect item to have in your bedroom throughout the year and if you spend a little bit more money on a wool quilt for example, then you get to enjoy the warmth that it provides but also the incredible softness as well.
  • Consider an electric blanket – this is an item that you can easily put below the bed sheet and you can set the temperature to what is comfortable for you and your partner. You can also set the time that automatically turns itself on about 30 minutes before your usual bedtime and this helps to take away the chill when you get into the bed for the first time.
  • A good pair of socks – you should never underestimate the power of a good pair of socks because they will help to keep your feet warm and they will also help you to fall asleep more easily. If you can, try to do some stretching before bedtime like touching your toes or reaching out to the ceiling. This should get the blood moving throughout your body and that will provide some stimulation to help you to fall asleep.
  • A hot shower or bath – this is always a good idea just before bedtime because it helps to sue your aching muscles and it tires your body out as well. If you can add in some essential bath salts to help lower your stress and anxiety levels then this is very conducive to a good night’s sleep.

If you follow the above four tips then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get to sleep quickly at night, the moment your head touches the pillow.


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