Mexico is a huge country with an astonishing variety of landscapes and weather. From chilly mountains and pine forests to arid deserts and humid tropical beaches, Mexico has it all. And that’s before you get to the vibrant, edgy cities of Guadalajara, Monterey, Merida, and Mexico City!

As a result, choosing what to wear on a Mexico vacation can be a tricky business. Depending on where you plan to go you might need elegant evening wear, casual beach fashion, and rugged hiking gear, and everything in between!

There are, of course, a few essential items that you just can’t forget, and some great ideas for outfits that work in multiple situations. But there are also one or two special pieces that you’ll want to have if you intend to travel to certain specific settings.

So if you plan to take a cruise from California to Mexico to celebrate your birthday this year and want to make sure you look the part everywhere you go, here are a few outfits and pieces to pack in your luggage that will keep you looking cute throughout your vacation.

City outfits

The vibe in Mexico’s biggest cities is a delightful combination of elegance, smart-casual style, and alternative vibes. Fashion in Mexico City is edgy and cutting edge, but there’s always a relaxed, laid-back feeling that means you can be comfortable going from breakfast to lunch to dinner without making too many clothing changes. The weather in the cities tends to be hot during the day and cooler at night, meaning layers are the name of the game, and cute sundresses, floaty scarves, and the occasional cardigan or light sweater will give you all the options you need. Comfortable shoes, either smart trainers or casual flats, are a great idea, as you’ll be doing plenty of walking and the pavements are often uneven!

Beach outfits

If you are heading to one of Mexico’s amazing beaches, either on the Riviera Maya on the Caribbean or on the Pacific west coast of the country, you’ll be delighted to know that Mexican beach style is all about casual elegance. In places like Tulum and Bacalar there’s a boho, eco-boutique, hippy vibe that is charming, and a combination of bikini, sarong, and smart over-sized shirt will have you fitting in right away. Over on the Pacific coast the atmosphere is a little more surfer-cool, so boardshorts, rash vests, vintage trucker caps, and faded tees is the name of the game! Beach cities like Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen have great nightlife, so it is worth packing a few party outfits as well!

Highlands outfits

The Mexican highlands of Hidalgo, Leon, Guanajuato, and Queretaro is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in the country, and bafflingly underrated as a Mexican vacation destination. With gorgeous cities like Guanajuato, Queretaro, and San Miguel de Allende, fascinating culture, history, and traditions, and some of the most breathtaking scenery in the shape of the Sierra Madre and Sierra Gorda mountains, the area is a must-visit. Dressing for the highlands can be a challenge, as temperatures soar during the day, then plummet at night. This means that layers are key – you’ll want to be able to transition quickly when the sun goes down. Dresses paired with leggings are a good idea, but it is also well worth packing jeans, light sweaters, jackets, and even light scarves, as well as a smart hat to keep the sun off your face during the day. It is also worth noting that the vibe in the inland cities like San Miguel, Leon, Queretaro, and Morelia is a little more conservative than in beach towns and the bigger metropolitan areas like Guadalajara, Monterey, or Mexico City. 

Jungle outfits


If you are heading off on a jungle trek in the Yucatan or Veracruz, you’ll want an outfit that emphasizes practicality over style. Mexican jungles are warm, humid places, so you’ll want to keep cool, but covering up as much as possible is important to avoid bites and scratches from insects and plants. Light, long-sleeved tops are a great idea alongside full-length trousers in breathable material. And don’t forget to wear proper footwear – durable, rugged hiking shoes are a must for any jungle hike.

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