Attending A Special Event? How To Find The Right Bespoke Tailor Oakville 



If you’re expecting to attend a formal event, you need to ensure that you dress to impress. Not only that it can help improve your look, but it can also make your attire look well put together and perfect for the event you’re attending. While you can easily purchase your suit right off the rack, it’ll be better if you could have it custom-made for you.  

Bespoke tailoring would ensure your suit fits your body perfectly. However, looking for the right tailor might be challenging, no matter where you are. But if you’re from Oakville, read on for tips to find a reputable one in the area. 

Ask Trusted People 

One way to find the best bespoke tailor Oakville has to offer is by asking trusted people. If you know someone with a penchant for wearing stylish custom-made suits and dress shirts, you might want to ask them for recommendations. Asking your family and friends for honest feedback about the tailor’s workmanship and whether they’ll continue to have their clothing made by the same tailor would help in your search.

Ideally, the professional tailor should be within the Greater Toronto Area, so you wouldn’t have to travel too far to get your bespoke attire made for the special event. 

Search Online 

If you don’t know anyone who can recommend an excellent bespoke tailor, then the next step is to search for reputable ones online. You can begin by looking for professional tailors within a 20-mile radius so you can quickly come by for measurements and fitting. 

As you search for tailors near you, you should also check online reviews and see if their previous customers are satisfied with their services. Usually, customers are quite candid with their feedback and won’t hesitate to leave a bad review for a tailor’s poor-quality work.  

Consider Having Some Clothing Altered 

A great way to test the skills of a tailor is by having them work their magic on clothes. Before considering having a bespoke dress shirt made, you might want to ask the tailor to alter a piece of clothing first. For example, you can ask the tailor to custom-fit a loose pair of paints for you. 

If they can transform your loose pants into something that fits you perfectly, then they’re most likely exceptional at creating bespoke attire for your special event. Your newly altered pants will now be part of your capsule wardrobe, which consists of versatile and classic pieces of clothing that you can mix and match to achieve a stylish ensemble. 

See Sample Creations 

Before hiring a tailor to create your custom clothing, you need to see their sample creations. This will give you an idea of their workmanship so you can decide if it’s suitable for you. 

In most cases, a tailor will have plenty of samples in their shop for you to examine. Ideally, you should inspect the stitches to check the tailor’s handiwork. Stitches made by hand, such as inside stitching and pick stitching, are usually indications of a high-end garment.  

Check Their Style 

Bespoke tailoring is an art. With art, you can expect different tailors to have various styles of creating outfits. Even if a tailor can make the most astonishing designs, if their style is way different from what you want, you might have trouble working with this particular tailor. 

To avoid inconvenience, you should check the tailor’s style and see if it matches the look you’re going for. 

See Personality And Communication Style 

It’s essential to have a good working relationship with your tailor. As with your other professional relationships, your personality should not clash with that of your tailor to make things work. Before sealing the deal, you should ensure that you can openly communicate with your tailor. 

Conversely, check how they communicate with you. You should get updates as needed, like the schedule for fitting and making final adjustments. Choosing a tailor with a pleasant personality can make the entire process fun and convenient, as you can easily express what you like or dislike about a specific item of clothing. 

Confirm Cost 

Of course, cost plays an important role when looking for the perfect tailor for your attire. A well-tailored suit would cost more, but it would surely be worthwhile for your special event.

If your budget is limited, you should let your tailor know. In many cases, they can make certain adjustments to bring down the cost of your custom-made attire. 


Attending a special event requires special attention to the smallest detail. An essential element that should not be overlooked is your attire. Hence, finding the right bespoke tailor is vital to get the perfect fit that you can’t achieve with an off-the-rack suit. 

The pointers given above should guide you in your search for a bespoke tailor who can create an outfit that will flaunt your best features and make you look good from every angle. 


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