We all had days when we tried on everything in our closets, tossing most of the clothes on the floor while trying to find the right outfit. Weddings, job interviews, networking events, holiday parties, picnics, bridal and baby showers – it’s always hard to decide what to wear for occasions like these. Even professionals often need guidance to ensure that their outfit is appropriate for the event. 

What you wear is determined by various circumstances, including the location, the formality of the invitation, the weather, and, in many cases, what others plan to wear. However, there are certain general sartorial guidelines to follow that can help you to put an end to the what-do-I-wear dilemma. There are techniques to always pick the appropriate outfit. Here are the ways to achieve that goal. 

Understand the Occasion 

This is the most important thing when choosing an outfit. You wouldn’t wear the same clothing to a picnic in the park as you would to a wedding. The event you’re preparing for significantly influences your final outfit. Every event has a unique dress code. If you have any questions, don’t be hesitant to ask your host. For instance, if you’ve been invited to a garden party, it’s difficult to predict whether it will be semi-formal or casual. 

It’s also essential to know what you’re going to do at the event and how you want to feel. Are you heading out to lunch with clients and need to look professionally? Is it a girls’ night, and you want to feel empowered? It would help if you also considered logistics, like the weather or how you’ll get there. Once you’ve sorted everything out, keep this information in mind as you go through the other steps.

Don’t Forget Your Style

You should consider the statement you want to make with your outfit, so don’t ever forget your unique style, no matter the occasion. Have you ever considered that the clothing you wear might influence your personality? There’s a reason you’re drawn to specific colors – those are the colors that provide you with energy. So, you must follow your unique taste and be comfortable with your outfits. If you’re a fan of satanic clothing, you can try and include your pieces in every event. 

If you want everyone to know that you believe in Satanism and have a good sense of humor, we recommend an ironic t-shirt with a catchy slogan, perhaps ‘Hail Santa.’ You can also incorporate big, stomping platform boots in almost every outfit, or you can wear a fancy corset with a choker even to a wedding. Dress appropriately for the occasion, but stay true to yourself so that you can shine with confidence.

Make Sure It Fits and the Colors Coordinate 

It may seem obvious, but many people leave the house wearing clothing that is too large or too small. Unless you’re wearing a boyfriend T-shirt or a slouchy jumper, make sure your clothing fits properly. Start by choosing your first layer of clothing – top and bottom. Depending on your style, your options may be as simple or elaborate as you desire. And pay attention to the shoes as well since sometimes they can make or break an outfit. 

In addition, ensure the colors match and complement your skin tone and hair color. Colors may influence your mood, so make sure your chosen colors help your attitude. When you’re in a funky mood, pick your favorite clothing piece to improve your mood. Choose colors that match your mood or utilize them to lift you when you’re down. And if you want to pull off an outstanding style, your shoes should reflect and coordinate with your clothes.

Add Layers and Accessorize 

If you’re going to wear a few layers, start with the ones that are the most fitting and made of the thinnest materials, then build volume and thickness as you go. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different textures, lengths, patterns, and colors. Vests, shirts, blazers, cardigans, sweaters, leather or denim jackets, and wool or trench coats can work with different outfits. 

Choosing the right accessories for your outfit is the most fun part of designing a look, but it can also be the most challenging. First, begin with a statement item that draws attention to a particular body part. It may be a scarf, necklace, purse, watch, or earrings. You can also consider layering bracelets or necklaces if you don’t have an appropriate statement piece. 

Wrapping Up 

Each event has its dress code, so you should dress appropriately for the occasion. You probably have everything you need to put together many fantastic outfits, but you don’t know where to begin. Choosing an outfit is straightforward if you break it down into the steps we’ve mentioned.



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