See the Most Mind-Blowing Celebrity Engagement Rings


Diamonds are still highly popular when it comes to engagement rings, and the market is huge. According to Statista, nearly half of the world’s demand for diamonds comes from the United States.

In 2019, the global diamond market was worth around $26.7 billion with Botswana being the highest producer of the gems.

Not everyone chooses diamonds for their engagement rings, but plenty of celebrities have. And, some of the rings they have worn, or are wearing, are quite staggeringly mind-blowing.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, then you might be keen on seeing some of these pieces of jewelry. Some are simply stunning through design, and others are a marvel with the sheer weight and cut of the gems.

Are engagement rings still important today?

Perhaps not surprisingly, out of the four most popular types of rings today, the ones intended for engagements are at the top. 

The sad reason for this is maybe because not everyone makes it to the aisle. Therefore, there are more engagement rings sold than ones for weddings. Although, many wedding rings are handed down as heirlooms from generation to generation too.

There are different traditions around the world to signify an engagement, but rings are popular in many cultures. Engagement rings date back to Ancient Egypt, so this is a long-standing tradition, and in some countries, both partners will wear a ring to show they are spoken for.

What are the most mind-blowing engagement rings sported by celebrities?

Celebrities often do things far bigger than the average person, so it is in no way surprising that there are some impressive pieces of jewelry on celebrity fingers right now.

While this list is in no way complete, here are some of the most mind-blowing engagement rings the world has seen.

Kim Kardashian

No prizes for guessing who the famous fiance was behind this particular ring. Although Kim and Kanye are no longer together, it is hard to forget this piece of jewelry.

Not to do things by half, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian chose a 15-carat diamond ring. This apparently commanded a price of around $2 million and it is said to be flawless.

If that is slightly out of your budget but you are seeking something that is still impressive, then a higher than normal carat diamond might be enticing. The range of 7-carat diamond ring prices can be quite varied, but the size of the jewel will still be quite striking.

Katy Perry

Back in 2019, Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry announced they were engaged. And in typical modern celebrity style, they did it through Instagram.

Rather than a huge rock, Bloom went for a more elegant and classic style with more than one gemstone to propose with. In the center of the ring is a ruby, which is surrounded by diamonds to produce a flower design that is set in gold.

Megan Fox

This actress has never exactly conformed to type, and her fiance is equally non-conservative. Perhaps then, it was always meant that this couple’s engagement would involve an unusual ring.

Machine Gun Kelly worked alongside his chosen jeweler to design a piece that meant more than just a ring. In fact, it is two rings.

Megan Fox’s engagement ring is actually two rings together to form one piece of jewelry that showcases both of the couple’s birthstones. A diamond and an emerald are set on a band of thorns to produce an unusual, and thoughtful engagement ring.

Lady Gaga

If you are looking for inspirational jewelry ideas for you and yours, then you might want to consider Lady Gaga’s ring. Which one? Of course, Lady Gaga has had more than one engagement ring, but the one to Taylor Kinney was very striking.

This piece of jewelry sported a sizable diamond in the shape of a heart. What made the ring more creative was the message it conveys. On the band were the letters T and S separated by the diamond heart. Thus, the ring spelled out that Taylor loved Stefani. Lady Gaga has since gone on to wear a $400,000 engagement ring given to her by Christian Carino which has also been discarded after another relationship failed to reach the aisle.

Cameron Diaz

Benji Madden loved his fiance so much that one engagement ring wasn’t enough. While neither of the rings is particularly mind-blowing in themselves, although they are both beautiful, it is the fact that Diaz got two engagement rings from the same partner that she makes this list.

Elizabeth Taylor

When it comes to wedding and engagement jewelry and Elizabeth Taylor it is hard to know where to start. Taylor owned a staggering collection of jewelry and was engaged 10 times.

However, one ring may stand out as the most significant, and it puts Kim Kardashian’s ring in the shade. Michael Todd proposed to Elizabeth Taylor and gave her a ring that blows away all the others on this list. Todd’s gift was a 29.4-carat diamond ring with an emerald cut.

How much should you spend on an engagement ring?

If you are looking to select an engagement ring, the thought of 29.4 carats might seem a little excessive. As a rule, it is said that an engagement ring should cost three months’ salary.

Certainly then, some wealthy celebrities may not have spent as much as they were supposed to. However, in reality, the amount spent on an engagement ring is much lower.

According to one report from CNBC, the average cost of an engagement ring may be around $5,900. Many people spend considerably less than this but instead choose to put more into the wedding ring instead.


Many other celebrities had incredible engagement rings including Grace Kelly. The likelihood of possessing a $2 million engagement ring for most is just a fantasy, but there is no reason why you can’t have something desirable for far less.

Sometimes it isn’t the size of the diamond but the design of the ring that makes it mind-blowing. Finding a custom jeweler can be one way to match celebrities for creativity and style.

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