7 Fashion Accessories That Work For Both Men And Women



Fashion accessories are those little things that serve as minor details that contribute to a person’s outfit. The whole purpose of having fashion accessories is that they’re designed to complement the whole look and complete the outfit. They may be minor additions, but depending on the accessories you’d choose, it can still make or break your look.

There are accessories with styles solely suited for women, while there are those which look good only on men. However, if you’re looking for accessory types and designs that works well for both men and women, you’re sure to find some within that department as well.

That said, to help you build up that shopping list, here are some fashion accessory suggestions that’ll complement both men and women’s fashion ensembles.

  • Wallets

Wallets for men and women can be unisex, as long as you’re sticking to styles that are plain and simple enough for both genders. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll certainly have a wallet with you. While it serves the functional purpose of holding money, it can be considered as a fashion accessory, particularly when you’re opting for a more stylish one.

Wallets today are made from various materials, come in different colors, styles, and even function. For instance, an RFID wallet, is one that’s gaining popularity due to its functional purpose. So, with the wide array of wallet options, it’s all up to you to choose the one which suits your style preference.

  • Glasses

Glasses aren’t for everybody. There are those who absolutely need to wear them, because of vision problems. For men and women who need to wear glasses, the pair that you own can be considered as fashion accessories as well. 

Don’t stick to boring designs which may be unflattering for your face. There are thousands of designs and frames to choose from. Be keen and selective with this process. You should be able to choose one that suits your face shape, size, and style.

  • Belts And Buckles

A stylish belt can also be an accessory which can help pull your outfit together. It’s like that nice finishing touch to your outfit, to look more refined. Any plain Jane outfit can instantly have that added sass and style to it when you finish it off with a nice belt.

In particular, neutral colors can work well for both men and women. Remember not to go over-the-top with the buckle and keep the size as minimal as possible. Ideally, couples can borrow belts from each other, especially when they’re classic leather ones.

  • Anklets

Here’s a jewelry item on this list. As its name suggests, anklets are those bracelet-like pieces, that are worn on the ankles and not on the wrists. While it’s not as popular as other jewelry items, anklets are still consistently present in many jewelry and accessory shops.

Anklets are a well-loved beach accessory. You’ll find these in many different colors and styles, mimicking the colorful hues of the beach and tropical island life. This casual accessory is suitable for both men and women, especially if paired with a relaxed summer fashion outfit.

  • Hats

Hats are head coverings that come in varied styles. If you’re looking for one which both a man and a woman can wear, then you can’t go wrong with a baseball hat.

Another hat suggestion that can also be worn both by men and women are bonnets. Unlike baseball hats which can be worn regardless of what the weather is, bonnets are more common in colder countries, wherein providing warmth for the head and ears is called for.

  • Watches

A watch can be both a fashion accessory and a piece of jewelry. Historically, watches were created to enable the wearer to tell time. However, in the modern and fashionable world, watches are becoming trendier and more glam, thus they’re now considered jewelry items. 

Because you want an accessory that suits both a man and a woman, it’s ideal to select the strap carefully. If you’re opting for metal-strap watches, then stick to universal colors like silver or white gold. On the other hand, leather watches are a no-fail in black, gray, or brown.

  • Necklaces

Last on this list is another jewelry item, the necklace. In fact, as long as the necklace isn’t too intricate and encrusted with jewels, a man can wear what a woman would don as well. Even a plain necklace can instantly add a hint of glam to your daily look. If both men and women would like a simple yet elegant look, they can just go for gold or silver necklaces without any pendant to complete their go-to outfits.


There are so many more different fashion accessories that can complement both men and women universally, as this list doesn’t hold it all. But, it’s a good start to start shopping for accessories you can share with your spouse, partner, and perhaps even your siblings. More than anything else, the key to looking good in fashion accessories is finding what suits you. Don’t feel pressured to immediately give in to fads. Choose what you’re comfortable in and what makes you feel good.


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