Cricket in India has come a long way from being a man’s game to one that attracts glamor and style. The best crickets are not only imitated for their prowess in playing skills but also for their sense of fashion. Here are the top seven top picks of cricket players who embody that and, as a result, become fashion idols. 

1 Virat Kohli 

Virat is the captain of his team and has shown impeccable performance as a batsman. He is also known to have great taste in fashion, especially after meeting his wife, a famous Indian movie star. His style can easily be described as elegant and rebellious.

2. James Anderson

James has a great hairdo that catches the eyes of many. It is perfectly maintained and makes him stand out. He, however, is not big on fashionable clothes but substitutes that with wearing expensive jewelry on his body. 

3. Mahendra Dhoni

Mahendra is one of the most handsome cricket players in the world. Despite his aging, he still proves to be okay, just like wine. He dresses elegantly and fashionably, suits his body, and tops up what is already there. He often goes for the classic look of blue or black jeans with a fitting shirt. He sometimes adds accessories like watches that make his look pop out even more. His bright and honest smile is the icing on the top of the cake.

4. Chris Gayle 

Chris is recognized as a modern cricket professional player. He has such a big and charming personality that he is constantly seen smiling. This has reflected in the bright-colored clothes he wears. His Hawaiian shirts paired with white shorts have become his signature look. He accessories his look with big gold chains and rings. 

5. Brendon McCullum 

Brendon is known for his many tattoos on his body and his excellent fashion sense. His style is very unconventional and quite charming. He mainly prefers rocking on black velvety suits, which always look clean and properly ironed, giving him that sharp look. 

6. Shahid Afridi

The talented Shahid combines the Indian style and the western style creating a very stylish fusion. His signature look is the camel coat with golden buttons paired with black pants and accessorized with golden rings and a watch. 

7. Mitchelle Johnson 

Mitchelle is famous for his great inner sense of fashion and as an Australian professional player. He mainly prefers to dress casually but even so makes a killing in it. He is also a big fan of tattoos, as seen on his body which perfectly matches his style. 


Indian fans love emulating their favorite cricket players’ style. The players have left an incredible reputation on the field, and, through their demeanor and style, they have driven loyal fans even crazier. This is something the fans appreciate and show their love. The Indian premier league is around the corner, and if you are looking to participate through ipl betting online, you can do so by logging on to Parimatch, the best platform for sports betting. 




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