If you’ve been wanting to dress like a model, sometimes you may feel like it won’t work because of your big body size. Don’t be dissuaded by this fact because there’s a fitting dress out there, no matter your size.

You’ve heard of many plus-size models who’ve succeeded in their careers. These are the ones who embrace body positivity. Yes, it may be difficult at first; however, emulating them can boost your self-esteem and help you break out of your shell. After all, fashion is for everyone, regardless of size, shape, color, or race. 

Refreshing your style is not as difficult as you may think. Here are some tips on dressing like a plus-size model and pulling off an attractive look:

  1. Know And Accept Your Body

You know your body better than anyone. If you learn to appreciate your body despite other people’s opinions, you won’t be ashamed even if they try to talk you down. Once you accept yourself and find that inner confidence, you’ll not be afraid to try something new. And that includes your choices of clothing. 

For instance, you shouldn’t feel like you have to conceal your thighs and belly by wearing slacks and t-shirts day in and day out. Instead, choose suitable clothing that goes with your shape. If you’re planning a dinner date with friends or colleagues, look for classy and form-fitting plus size night out outfits that’ll leave every onlooker admiring you. You’ll surely stand out and ignite positive conversations among your crew.

If you feel like going for a simple, classic look, you can wear a wrap dress or a mini-dress to show off your well-endowed thighs.  

  1. Add A Splash Of Color

When attending events, such as birthdays, weddings, late-night work meetings, or corporate meet-ups, you wouldn’t want to look unalluring. This only makes your friends detest the very thought of being plus size. 

Purpose to turn heads by showing up in classy plus size clothing. Gone are the days when plus size women are restricted to wearing black, white, or blue. Instead, opt for clothes with a splash of color that brings out your personality.

While on this, ensure to choose a dress or pants suit with a shape, style, and color that matches your taste and complements your other features. 

  1. Go for Style and Comfort

Being stylish doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort. One option you can try is a crop top.  Crop tops are versatile pieces that you can easily dress up and dress down. They are also an easy choice for showing off a bit of skin. This is what slim ladies enjoy, but it’s not reserved for them. Plus-size women can also display their navel to the curious public. 

You can go for:

  • A crop top hoodie and high-waist pants with an elastic waistband for maximum everyday comfort;
  • A denim crop top with long-sleeves paired with jeans and heels, which is an excellent ensemble for a cold night;
  • A long-sleeved hoodie with shirred leggings, perfect casual late-night meet-ups.
  1. Avoid Too Tight Clothes

Whether you put on pants, dresses, or skirts, you must strike the right balance between fitted and too tight. You wouldn’t want to look too squeezed up in your outfits. That’s a fashion faux pas. A good way to measure tightness is to look for lines of your undergarments on your outerwear. If the lines are very elaborate, know it’s too tight. 

Very tight clothing will also make you uncomfortable and possibly degrade your confidence. Therefore, aim for fitting outfits that highlight your curves without exaggerating other body parts.  

  1. Try Tailored Clothes

Sometimes, you may find it hard to find a fitting outfit for your exact body size. If that’s the case, consider having your personal tailor design your clothes. You can look up the latest fashion trends online from experienced designers and find inspiration from there. 

Some clothing stores also offer tailoring services. The benefit of this is getting your clothes to fit your unique curves perfectly.

  1. Smoothen Your Curves With Shapewear

When choosing outfits, you also have to consider your natural body shape. Being plus size may also mean that your curves are uneven. Luckily, you can use shapewear to cinch and smoothen out your curves, especially at the hips and abdomen. The result is a refined and polished look.

Any outfit you wear on top of the body shapers will appear flawless. Shapewear also offers support at the hips, bust, and tummy to avoid the dreaded sagging look. That’s a sure recipe to ramp up your confidence as a plus-size woman.



Being a plus-size woman shouldn’t prevent you from looking classy like the fashion models you usually see in magazines. So, whether it’s a date night with colleagues or friends, don’t be afraid to play with your style. Find that perfect size-inclusive dress, pants, or crop top that suits your body size and shows your personality. Remember, size and shape do not matter. For as long as you feel comfortable and confident wearing it, go for it.  


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