5 Easy Swaps To Eco-Friendly Hair Care


One critical hygiene practice you should prioritize is taking care of your hair. However, there may be instances when you use products that aren’t working for the current condition of your locks. Furthermore, the current items you’re using may not be the best choice for the environment.  

If you want to swap your current hair care routine to take care of your crowning glory and the environment, checking out these alternatives which may be a good idea.  

  • Purchase From Sustainable Brands  

Nowadays, many people opt to get various products from more sustainable brands than large corporations that produce goods in large quantities. For one, it can help minimize the waste in the environment. Some sustainable brands also use organic ingredients that can work well with people who are sensitive to hair care chemicals.  

If you want to swap your current hair care products, it may be an excellent choice to look for a sustainable brand. For instance, stores like Davines beauty offer a wide array of hair care items for various hair types.  

You can find some essential items to keep your hair in excellent condition. If you need products to style or treat your hair, you can also inquire whether your preferred brand has them. Supporting sustainable brands may also help lessen the amount of trash you throw away in the environment.  

  • Bar Shampoo  

If you wish to eliminate the plastic waste you throw away once your hair products run out, it may be a good swap to use bar shampoos instead. It’s an eco-friendly hair care alternative that doesn’t produce much non-biodegradable waste. Furthermore, it’s compact, so you can bring it if you travel frequently. 

Bar shampoos work similarly to traditional soap, but their formulation is explicitly made to cleanse your hair without stripping its moisture. It can be a great alternative to your current hair products since it allows you to minimize your waste. Also, its design will enable you to only use as much as you need. Unlike liquid shampoos, product usage is easier to control. Thus, making it last longer.  

It could be a great option, especially if your hair is sensitive. Some bar shampoos are made with natural ingredients, so they won’t make your hair condition worse. Additionally, you can find stores that offer a variety of bar shampoos for different purposes. For instance, you can purchase a product for oily or frizzy hair if it’s a persistent hair problem you’re dealing with.  

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  • Make Homemade Hair Care Products  

Some common household ingredients can do wonders for your hair. For instance, coconut oil can restore the moisture of your locks. If you want to use more eco-friendly products to take care of your crowning glory, you can try to make your own instead of purchasing one from the store.  

However, it would be best to consider your hair type first before making any hair care products. For instance, if you have curly hair, you should use ingredients to preserve your natural texture and volume. 

Ingredients like coconut oil, honey, or mint can nourish your hair. You can find some tutorials on mixing your own hair products for your hair type and concern. Opting for homemade hair care items may help you save some money and ensure you’re not putting anything harsh on your head.  

  • Use Hairspray Alternatives  

The go-to product of some hairstylists when setting hair is hairspray. It prevents hair from losing volume and allows you to style your locks in various ways. However, this hair care product can cause harm to the environment. If you wish to use a more sustainable item to style your hair, it may be best to refrain from using hairspray. There are various alternatives you can try, like pomade, sugar spray, or dry shampoo. 

For example, if you wish to keep your curls for a special occasion but don’t want to use hairspray, you can use a sugar spray. Sugar cane extract can work similarly to common styling sprays without posing a threat to the environment. It can hold your hair in place as well as help maintain its volume. Furthermore, this natural product may help improve your hair quality as it helps unclog your pores and promote hair growth.  

  • Grow Aloe Vera  

Some beneficial hair care products don’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can grow it at home and use it anytime you need. One hair care item that can improve your locks is aloe vera. It’s a common houseplant that’s easy to take care of.  

Using this plant extract on your hair has various benefits. For one, it helps moisturize dry and frizzy hair. It can also nourish your scalp and roots if you’ve been having troubles with brittle hair.  

Aloe vera may also help get rid of dandruff in case you’re suffering from this problem. It’s a good investment to have this plant at home since you can simply cut off a piece whenever you need to apply the pulp on your hair.  

Final Thoughts  

Finding more eco-friendly hair care products doesn’t have to be troublesome. There are various alternatives you can try, like sustainable haircare brands or making your own. If you wish to be kinder to the environment, switching your current hair care items and consider using more eco-friendly options.  

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