Lockdown was a time to be introspective—to rethink what we love and how we live our lives.

While we were doing TikTok dances in our kitchens and baking sourdough, creative jewelers and fashion designers exploded with new ideas. 

After spending too many hours staring at outdated family photos on their grandparents’ walls, influencers and young adults suddenly became nostalgic for trends of the past. 

If you feel like fashion and jewelry trends changed rapidly during lockdown… you’re right!

Let’s face it. We’ve all been wearing sweatpants for the last year and a half. Now, we’re reentering society with no idea what to wear or how to look classy. 

You’re not alone. We’re here to help you return to normal in one of the most simple ways—through fine jewelry. 

We’ll walk you through all the recent changes in the jewelry industry and how you can look hot in the most up-and-coming styles—even if it’s been quite some time since you’ve gathered inspiration from a live human.  

Statement Jewelry

You thought we left statement jewelry in the 1980s. 

Well, it’s back and even bolder than you remember.

If you like jewelry that matches your big personality, this is your sign to dig out the vintage pieces you’ve been saving, go online and purchase new statement pieces, or hint to your loved ones—Christmas is coming!

You can combine statement earrings, necklaces, and even flashy scrunchies or hair scarves for a modern 80s look. 

Most fine jewelry companies allow for the customization of their catalog pieces. You can always mix and match jewelry designs and featured gemstones to create your ideal look. 

Chokers with Bulky Gemstones

Go big or go home is a motto we firmly believe in when it comes to fine jewelry. Chokers have been making a comeback in the fine jewelry world—and not without enormous emeralds and crystals. 

Tip: Bulky chokers are best worn by women with longer necks. The shorter your neck, the thinner your choker should be.

We suggest featuring white diamonds or black diamonds on your new choker—so that you can wear it with a variety of outfits. 

Or, for something totally extraordinary, ask for tanzanite stones. 

Chunky Chains

At age two, Psalm West is already competing for best dressed. Far ahead of his peers, he was recently spotted wearing a solid gold chain around his neck. 

Check out this cute clip where Kim Kardashian explains that Psalm is, in fact, wearing real gold

Thanks for the inspo, Psalm.

Chunky chains are in—for necklaces, bracelets, and even rings. You can wear them clipped to your belt, across your suit jacket. 

Consider a layered look, or choose chains that allow you to mix and match pendants.

Pearl Jewelry with Yellow Gold

Pearl jewelry surrounded by yellow gold just feels like home. For centuries, pearls have been used by royals for jewelry and palace decorations. 

Mining them from the sea used to be incredibly dangerous. Now, we have the science to grow pearls, which makes them much more accessible to modern Americans.


Still, they are a luxury—and one worth investing in. 

We’re seeing trends in pearl drop earrings with hammered yellow gold or distorted hoops. There are pearl and gold rings for women and signet rings for men.

Instead of using a gold chain for the necklace, designers are using strings of pearls and saving gold for the necklace pendant. 

The great thing about pearls is that they never go out of style

Whatever design you choose, you’ll have something to wear for years to come—and a splendid 2020s piece to pass down to your grandchildren. 

Floral Patterns

We’re manifesting all the daisy chains for jewelry trends in the new year… and Vogue isn’t disappointing us. 

If you like designs that are inspired by nature, this is your year. 

Expect to be dazzled by flower earrings, necklaces with poppies and violets, and rings with soft pastel colors

You can design floral prints on your fine jewelry by using colorful semi-precious stones like pink sapphire, tourmaline, morganite, emerald, iolite, and rose quartz. 

Pendant Necklaces

Pendant necklaces are the gift that keeps on giving. 

If you’ve never had a piece of fine jewelry or if it’s your first time ordering one for yourself, we suggest the iconic pendant necklace. 

Anything you can imagine on a necklace can be added by a pendant. 

There are religious pendants, hearts, infinity knots, initials, and more. For a beginner necklace, you can choose plain gold or decorate your pendant with the gemstone of your choice. 

As with other popular 2021 jewelry choices, the chunkier your pendant, the better. 

When ordering from a jeweler, you’re completely in charge of the customization of your pendant: the gold color, gemstone carat size, pendant size, and engraving. 

Necklaces are the laziest jewelry option—in the best way. We love how easy it is to add a splash of color to your outfit or a touch of refinery to any date night attire. 

Dome Rings

Dome rings are a unique design that showcase a thick piece of gold in the front of the ring. Sometimes they feature small gemstones, but most often they are pure gold. 

These rings are subtle and fantastic additions to any outfit. They’ll go wonderfully with other popular styles like chunky chains and yellow gold jewelry. 

Although we can’t get enough of the yellow gold trend, you can purchase a dome ring in many shades of gold. Some ideas include silver gold, rose gold, blue gold, and black gold. 

Fine Jewelry Is for Every Era

One of the great things about investing in fine jewelry products is, they never go out of style. Gemstones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds will always be the height of fashion and sophistication. 

Just look at the royals… they’ve been wearing fine jewelry pieces for centuries. 

Although current trends and styles offer fantastic inspiration for jewelry purchases, always choose the style and design that makes you the happiest.

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