3 Reasons to Choose Colored Diamonds for Your Wedding Ring


A 2015 Research suggests that 87 percent of brides prefer diamonds over other gemstones for their engagement rings. Similar research conducted in 2019 saw that percentage drop to around 86 percent. In both cases, it is evident that diamond is the superior stone irrespective of the time or era.

These statistics are not that surprising. What is surprising, however, is that colored diamonds are some of the least popular center stones for wedding rings (3 percent). Regular or colorless diamonds indeed have a more classy and traditional vibe compared to colored ones. Yet, colored diamonds offer a lot more to wedding rings than colorless ones.

So in case you are feeling conflicted in this matter, here are three good reasons why you would want to choose colored diamonds for your wedding ring.

#1 Looks Perfect in All Shapes and Sizes 

Colored diamonds look perfect in almost every shape and size they are available in. They are fancier than the colorless ones and tend to pop out more often.

For instance, if you take a quick look at any top diamond store’s natural pink diamond catalog, you will find a lot of variation in the designs. Natural pink diamonds do not look all that different from white or colorless ones unless you buy a fancy pink diamond, in which case the color is more intense. 

However, even the lightest pink diamonds will let off some color when you shine a light on them, making them look a lot prettier and fancier. That is why pink diamond engagement rings are so popular among the newer generation.

Apart from their colorful appeal, fancy colored diamonds also tend to look better in smaller shapes and sizes. The sparkle might not be as much as a white one, but they can make even the smallest of round diamonds look perfect and fancy. So a simple 0.22 carat round colored diamond will look more attractive than a plain or colorless one with the same features.  

#2 Often the Less Expensive Option

A 0.22-carat colorless diamond will cost you around $750. The same 0.22-carat diamond but in yellow or orange colors will cost you around $500. In some cases, colored diamonds are a lot cheaper than the usual ones. 

This makes colored diamonds a more affordable option for many. People who would like to buy a diamond engagement ring but cannot afford to spend so much money on one can easily pick a colored option of this sort. 

That being said, you should also know that not all colored diamonds are cheap. Red, for instance, will cost you almost a hundred thousand dollars for just 0.22 carats. Blue and purple colored diamonds are also quite expensive, even at the smallest possible sizes. 

Black diamonds too will trouble your wallet. Hence, while cheaper in some cases, colored diamonds can be quite expensive as well. So you need to pick colors like yellow and orange if you are seeking a cheaper alternative to regular diamonds.

#3 Goes with All Bands

The research we talked about earlier also suggests white gold, silver, and platinum are some of the most popular metal bands for wedding rings. And once you add in the factor that diamond is more preferred than any other stone, it is easy to see why these bands are so popular.

Colorless diamonds embedded in a silver, white, or grey metal band look stunning. While gold bands work too, most people prefer having their diamonds shine on top of silver or platinum bands. These bands and diamonds complement each other, and diamonds do not look that good in any other type of metal band. 

With colored diamonds, you can overcome that barrier. Not only do they look good in silver, platinum, and white gold bands, but they also fit in perfectly with bands made of gold, rose gold, and other colorful materials. The contrast is present here as well, as long as you can find a color for the band that complements that of the stone.

And that is all for this post. Knowing these things should help you come to a decision on which type of stone to opt for. While buying the diamonds, make sure you know how to separate the fake from the real ones. Buying from renowned stores will allow you to skip this, but it is still advised that you learn to identify the differences between them.


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