How to Up Your Game as a Screen-Printing T-Shirt Business


How to Up Your Game as a Screen-Printing T-Shirt Business

Do you know what it takes to elevate your t-shirt business to the next level? Don’t worry if you’ve been scratching your head over this one. It’s not always obvious how you can tweak your business model. You don’t always have the most objective view of your business when you live and breathe it every day.

This article is here to help you gain some perspective. Keep scrolling to uncover some ideas that can help your t-shirt business takeoff. 

Go Local with Your T-Shirt Designs

Have you ever taken a trip to Toronto, the capital of Ontario and the fourth largest city in North America? 

If you have, you would have seen people wearing shirts, hoodies, and toques sporting their favourite neighbourhoods and subway stops. 

People even love wearing tank tops and ball caps that proudly display the city’s name in the local accent — that’s “Turonno” for those not in the know — and let’s not even get into all the diehard fans wearing Blue Jays or Maple Leafs sweaters. 

There’s a reason why people love these local designs. Not only do people want to support small, local businesses, but they also love to rep where they’re from. 

Every business needs to fill a niche, and where your business calls home could be it. Use your location as inspiration for your next t-shirt — whether you capitalize on your city, a specific neighbourhood, or public space. 

Partner with a Wholesale Screen Printing Company

Printing under your own steam might have worked when you were first starting, back when you were getting ten orders a week. 

You could easily keep up with demand then, but now that you’ve grown into a modestly sized business, you may be accepting a hundred or more orders in the same amount of time. 

You may have to invest in new equipment, which you can find at online retailers like EcoFreen, storage, workspace, and even staffing when scaling up your small business.

If you don’t have the operating budget to deal with these new expenses, a silk screen printing company can help.

These printing companies are already set up to handle bulk order t-shirts, so they can easily scale to your needs as you expand. You can find screen printing in Toronto and other big cities to outsource your manufacturing.

This way, you can rely on their experience and equipment to create quality custom clothing without worrying about changes in demand. 

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Trying to get ahead without a solid social media platform isn’t just hard — it’s almost impossible. You need to be present on social media if you expect to reach new customers and retain old ones. 

Luckily, you can gain traction on your socials with a low budget. The key is choosing the right platform for your business. While LinkedIn might be the better option if you were selling online marketing services, Instagram is better suited for your fashion brand

Create a content calendar to help you organize your posts, ensuring you get photoshoots and infographics done in time. You’ll also want to look up when to drop your latest post to maximize views.


The Takeaway

You don’t have to tear down your business and start fresh to level up. You can achieve growth by making subtle changes to the way you advertise, manufacture, and design your t-shirts. So, try out these tips to up your game!

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