Most Effective Techniques To Add Texture To Slick Straight Hair




Most Effective Techniques To Add Texture To Slick Straight Hair

Everyone has unique hair and you are certain to find a hairstyle that looks stunning with minimal effort. But, that doesn’t mean you want to keep the same hairstyle all the time! Even if you have hair 


that looks effortlessly slick and is dead straight, you may want to add texture.

After all, changing your hair transforms your look and can transform your confidence. Research has shown that hair and confidence are linked. If you look good, you feel good. 

If you have slick straight hair and want to add a little texture, you’ll find it is easier than you think.y

Use The Right Products

Whether you want to add a wave, bunch your hair into tiny curls, or attempt any other type of hairstyle, you’ll find the key to achieving your goal is to use high-quality products. It is best to select a quality product range, such as the Nioxin collection. This won’t just give you good products, it will ensure you can find all the different products you need in one place.

By choosing a quality range you’ll be able to moisturize your hair and add products to help add texture to your hair.

Avoid Curling The Ends

One way to add texture to straight hair is to use a curling iron. However, instead of running the curling iron through all of your hair, just use it on the middle section. Simply hold your hair in sections and wind your hair over the curling iron 1-2 times and hold it there for between 5-10 seconds.

Braid & Iron It

This approach takes a little longer but it’s worth it. Start by braiding your hair. You can make one large braid or create several pigtails, the choice is yours. 

Then, using your straighteners, clamp your braids and hold the straighteners there briefly. Repeat it along your hair at approximately one inch intervals. 

Once you have moved all the way down your hair you can unwind the braid and admire the waves that you now have in your straight hair. 

Sea Salt Spray

Everyone knows that the sea air automatically increases the waviness of your hair. You don’t need to head to the beach to replicate this. Simply get a good salt spray and then spritz your hair with it. Once it is damp scrunch your hair with your hands and you will instantly introduce waves to your hair, adding texture to your straight hair.


Dry Shampoo

If you’re running low on time then dry shampoo is great for refreshing your hair and it can help to add texture. Simply work the dry shampoo into your hair and then wind groups of strands around your fingers at random. It will give you the windswept, or just out of bed look. 

Others may think you just woke up like this but the truth is it is a carefully cultivated look and it can be done even when you are in a rush!




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