How To Choose The Right Morganite Ring


How To Choose The Right Morganite Ring

Morganite rings are an excellent and unique choice for those who are looking to venture beyond diamond rings. Rare and durable, these semi-precious gemstones are trending fast and for good reason.

One-of-a-kind and affordable, Morganite engagement rings check all the boxes when it comes to unique engagement rings. If you are looking to step away from the ordinary when it comes to your engagement ring, here is all that you need to know about Morganite rings.

What are Morganite Gemstones?

Originated back in the 1900s, Morganite was made popular by the renowned gemologist George Junz. This semi-precious gem was named after the famous gem collector J.P Morgan in 1910. Although found in various parts of the world, certain parts of Africa serve as the hub of Morganite mining.

Morganites are pink semi-precious gemstones, belonging to the ‘Beryl’ category consisting of emeralds and aquamarine. The color of a morganite gemstone can range from peach pink to pale pink, violet-pink, salmon red, mauve, or peachy pink. Morganites are semi-precious gemstones, unlike diamonds which are precious gemstones. The GIA does not have a definitive grading system to determine the quality of gemstones, one can however assess the quality of morganite by the hue or color density of the gemstone.

The darker the pinkish hue of your morganite gemstone the higher its price. Having a relative hardness between 7.5%- 8% on the Mohs scale, morganite gems are perfect for engagement rings. More than its hardness, the pink color of this gem makes it a hot favorite among young couples.

Morganite gemstones are considered to possess a cleansing aura. Considered divinity crystals, mental healers associate the pink hue of the gemstones with love, innocence, and warmth.

This gemstone is believed to stimulate a sense of peace and joy by triggering the heart chakra. Among other healing qualities, Morganite gems are believed to relieve the body of stress, anxiety, and trauma. Although the metaphysical aspect of morganite gems does not have concrete scientific backing, it does add to its charm and desirability.

Choosing a morganite ring over a pink diamond is a smarter choice. They suit all skin tones and are being extensively used in a wide array of jewelry, like necklaces, stud earrings, etc.

Picking a Morganite Ring?

The color of a morganite gemstone is its most significant quality marker. Quality specifications for consumers are marked as Natural AAA/AA/A. Available in a variety of hues of pink, the depth of the color sets the quality grade and the price for morganites.

Mozambique morganites are a bit irradiated to produce color, whereas Nigerian morganites have a more natural hue to them. Choosing a pastel tone for your morganite gemstone is ideal and affordable.


Naturally treated Morganite gems have a salmon pink hue about them. Certain stable color tones can also be achieved through heat treatments.

High-quality morganite gems have a pale hue to them and are eye-cleaned to ensure they are free from any noticeable blemishes. They weigh over 5 carats and have a well-distributed and even sparkle

An oval cut is the most ideal cut for a Morganite Engagement ring.

Clarity and Lustre

Being type 2 gemstones, Morganites have little to no inclusions. Eye-cleaned Morganite gems have an extraordinary luster and are blemish-free. 

Morganite gemstones are affordable but rare. There is a possibility that you might not find the gemstone you are looking for. Heat treatments do have a significant impact on the color of morganites and is an industry-approved process to enhance the appearance and intensify the color of Morganites.

We would always recommend choosing a natural gemstone of a high carat weight.

Focusing on the Cut

Morganites naturally have high transparency which enhances their brilliance. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The cut of the gemstone does not impact its brilliance.

Morganite Gems have a pleochroic nature due to the presence of Manganese in them. The pleochroic nature of a gem is the ability to absorb different wavelengths of light differently depending on the direction of the rays or their plane of polarization. This has a considerable impact on the brilliance of the gem.

Some popular cuts include Princess-cut, Round-cut, Pear-cut, Marquise cut and Emerald cut.

Why Choose a Morganite Engagement Ring?

Perfect for couples who are seeking a non-traditional engagement ring. Owing to its rarity, popularity, brilliance, and beautiful pink color, a Morganite engagement ring is a special and unique choice.

Moreover, you get to choose from a variety of ring settings to match your perfect Morganite gemstone. Salmon-pink Morganites pair really well with rose gold or yellow gold settings. On the other hand, more pastel shades pair well with platinum or white gold settings.

Morganite gemstones have a more elusive feel to them when compared to the typical shine of other gemstones. This makes them a popular choice among young couples. Also, owing to their rarity, finding similar gemstones becomes difficult. This makes every single Morganite gem unique. Pair your morganite gemstone with a diamond to create a scintillating and gorgeous engagement ring.

Embellish the sparkle of your Morganite Engagement in a Halo setting surrounded by pave diamonds or use Morganites as flank stones to highlight that beautiful diamond centerpiece in a 3 stone setting. Diamonds and Morganites make for a classy and charismatic combination that is sure to make you the center of attention in any gathering.

There are a few things to keep in mind when pairing Morganites with Diamonds.

  • The diamond in a way will adorn or rather reflect the pink coloration of the Morganite Gemstone.
  • Choosing a Morganite with a dark undertone is ideal when dealing with transparent or white diamonds.
  • A split shank setting or a three-stone setting is ideal when pairing morganites with diamonds.

If you are really looking to highlight the pink hue of the stone, a Morganite rose gold ring setting is the ideal choice. Certain consumers prefer a 14K Morganite rose gold ring while others prefer to use accent diamonds on their rose gold bands to bring out the pink hue of the gemstone.

Caring for your Morganite ring?

The hardness of Morganite Gems makes them very durable and does not require a lot of care. In most cases, a gentle scrub followed by light cleaning of the stone’s surface ensures its proper care. 

Storing or mixing your gemstones with harmful chemicals might cause the gemstones to lose their luster. It is always advisable to not use highly acidic concentrations as cleaning materials. Store your Morganite rings separately and ensure you protect them from daily wear and tear. Morganite engagement rings need no special treatment

Morganite Jewelry

Morganite jewelry has taken the world by storm. Owing to their pinkish hue and rarity these gemstones have been integrated into a wide variety of jewelry. While Morganite engagement rings are getting increasingly popular, these gems are also used to create stunning necklaces, earrings, stud earrings, and other fine and unique pieces of jewelry.

Buying The Perfect Morganite ring?

We at Jewel Hero have made shopping for Morganite rings extremely simple. All you need to do is log in to our website, tell us your requirements and we will connect you with a number of local jewelers. You can choose from these jewelers and initiate an online consultation with them about your perfect Morganite jewelry. Before you know it you will possess the Morganite jewelry of your dreams. So what are you waiting for, log in to our website today and find that perfect Morganite Engagement Ring.


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