How to Look Classy As a Wedding Guest


How to Look Classy As a Wedding Guest


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Compared to previous years, wedding couples these days are more lenient with what their guests can wear. They set fewer fashion rules and tend to be more focused on the overall ceremony. As a wedding guest, deciding on what to wear can still be a confusing endeavor. Regardless of whether the couple is not particular with how you look on their special day, it is still important that you are respectful of the ceremony. Here are some tips on how you can look classy and courteous as a wedding guest.

Consider the wedding location

The wedding venue can help you choose the right outfit to wear. Make sure to do some research on the venue beforehand to know how it looks and what to expect. You can check the venue’s website or social media accounts for the most recent pictures to help you envision what outfit would be the most suitable. For instance,  if the invitation says beach wedding, then your clothes should be comfortable enough for you to move around. Wearing something velvety may not work on a hot, humid day. Consider wearing a tea-length dress in breathable fabric and put on a few light accessories. Moreover, be mindful of weddings in a religious facility. Do not wear revealing clothes, do away with the hats and shades, and ensure that your shoulders are not bare. 

Do not forget your footwear

Remember that your footwear is just as important as your outfit. Wear comfortable and suitable footwear that corresponds with the dress code. Never wear flip-flops unless stated in the invitation. If it says to wear high-heels, you don’t need to wear a five-inch stiletto unless you are used to it. Consider wearing chunky heels with straps instead so that you can walk comfortably. Do not compromise your comfort for the sake of fashion; your feet will thank you for it. 

Make a statement with your accessories

Accessories can make a significant impact on your outfit. You must choose the right accessories that will complement your wedding guest’s style. If you decided to wear a simple dress, you could match it with a beautiful necklace or a pair of elegant earrings. Alternatively, men can wear a wristwatch or a fancy belt to enhance their look. 

Never go against the dress code

The engaged couple set the wedding dress code for a reason. The couple may not be keen on what you will be wearing, but they would greatly appreciate you following the dress code. If the dress code is strictly formal, then make sure that you do not come wearing a casual dress. For women, a floor-length gown or an elegant dress paired with high-heels will do, while men can wear a tuxedo or a dark suit. If you want to glamorize it further, there are several designer dresses available online; just make sure that the clothing you choose will not upstage the bride. 

Understanding the basic rules of the wedding guest attire can help you make an informed decision when choosing an appropriate outfit. Make sure that you plan early on so that you can enjoy the big day with the people who are dearest to you. 


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