Have You Been In A Car Wreck? Here’s What To Do After You’ve Called The Police


Have you been in a car wreck? Accidents are terrifying, and sometimes there is an inevitable panic that kicks in when trying to assess the damage. After calling the police, what should you do next? Car accident injuries can be serious, so here is a guide on what to do if you have been in a car accident until you wait for the police to arrive. 

1. If You Are Not Injured, Stay in Your Car and Wait for the Police to Arrive

If you aren’t injured, stay in your car and wait for the police to arrive. This is a rule of thumb that everyone should learn. Never leave an incident site until law enforcement arrives unless it’s unsafe or illegal to do so. By doing this simple action, you will ensure that there are no further damages done by adding extra cars into the mix. Watching another car crash often triggers a secondary accident before the first one has come to an end.

2. If You Are Injured, Do Not Move Until an Ambulance Arrives

Safety is paramount when you’re hurt. If a situation becomes unsafe, don’t move. If you can move with minimal pain and without assistance, then go ahead and do so. Just be sure not to get back into the car before waiting for EMS (unless there is no other option). If your injuries aren’t serious, rather than clogging up a hospital and waiting for hours when you have simple cuts or scrapes on your arm, it’s better to just go to a local clinic and get them tended to right away. 

3. Do Not Admit Fault or Give a Statement to Anyone Except the Police

Car wrecks often happen in Texas due to drivers who are distracted or not obeying traffic rules. However, even if the other person has caused an accident because they weren’t paying attention or were speeding, there is no need to go into a tirade that could affect your safety. According to the car accident lawyers at, you need only to trade essential information and refrain from arguing with the driver at fault. After an accident, you might be shocked. But people will want to know what happened. Give your cooperation to law enforcement and emergency personnel but not anyone who is not directly involved in getting everyone out of a dangerous situation. 

4. Call Your Insurance Company Right Away so They Can Help with Any Paperwork that Needs Filling Out

Car accidents can happen at any time, and sometimes there is nothing one can do to prevent them from occurring. When there is an accident, the most important thing is to rescue people. You should also contact your insurance company right away. When you get into a car wreck with another driver (responsible or not), it’s important to make sure that neither of you says anything about the crash, let your insurance company take care of everything in between, and then go ahead and complete an accident report. 

5. Make Sure You Have All Your Belongings After the Accident

This can be difficult in the heat of the moment (especially if you are injured), but it’s very important to make sure that everything is accounted for. Having a few extra hands on deck will ensure that everyone gets home safe without being exposed to any extra risk. Accidents happen when people are least prepared, which is why they can be so traumatic. Using your common sense at all times is the best way to prevent this from happening.

6. Get a Copy of the Accident Report from the Officer on Duty if Possible

Getting copies of these reports will help to settle insurance claims and make sure that everyone gets what is needed in order to get back on their feet again without much hassle afterward. You can ask the police department for the accident report. They have report copies in their office. You can go there and find it, or they might send it to you by mail for free. These reports have information about the other driver and parties involved. It can include their ID and if they are insured. They also include a note on what you should do next. 

If you get into an accident, stay calm and wait for police assistance. Once the authorities arrive, do not admit fault or give a statement to anyone except the officer on duty. Call your insurance company right away so they can help with any paperwork that needs filling out. Make sure all your belongings are accounted for before leaving the scene of the accident. Get a copy of the accident report from the officer on duty if possible. You may find it helpful to keep these tips handy in case you ever need them!

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