All That You Need To Know About Tape In Hair Extensions



All That You Need To Know About Tape In Hair Extensions

Switching up your hairstyle to a lengthier, thicker, extra voluminous style is enjoyable, and one of the greatest and also the most non-committal methods to do it is through extension experimentation, like tape in hair extensions. When it comes to extensions, the styling possibilities are almost endless as they allow you even more flexibility to experiment with unexpected cuts and hues. Believe us when we say that once you glance in the mirror, you will feel completely transformed. This insight is from a former extensions addict who at one point, concealed her natural hair behind extensions for two years straight, thus, just to summarize, it’s easy to become lost in the extension world since they make you appear and even feel perfect. 

There are several sorts of extensions available. Sewn-in extensions, which are inserted with a needle and can even last for up to three months, are one alternative. So, if you just want a one-night hairstyle, using clip-in extensions is easy, a non-adhesive alternative that can clip in and out of your natural hair. However, let us discuss the crew’s happy medium: tape-in extensions. If you’re a fan of thick, voluminous hair with a smooth, natural appearance, these are the hairstyles for you. Perhaps even better? 

You are not obligated to stay with them indefinitely if you do not choose to. The top five hairstylists and the CEO have spoken when it comes to an extension business in order to get their perspective on tape-ins—why they’re wonderful, how they’re installed and removed, and how much they’ll cost. Continue reading to learn everything you need to learn about tape in hair extensions, so you can then go screenshot an Instagram look to send to your stylist immediately.

Basic Facts About Tape In Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions, as the name indicates, is attached to the root of the hair by using medical-grade tape which is the same sort that is being used to heal wounds as well as surgical incisions. As a consequence, an instantaneous, virtually unbreakable connection is formed, guaranteeing that the hair will not move until you say so. One hairstylist who is a great fan of this type of hair extension said that “The benefits of tape-in extensions are limitless.”  “They are very simple to apply and remove, do not cause harm to your hair, and appear more natural because they rest nearly totally flush against the head, whilst other varieties have larger bases that protrude.” 

Another well-known hair extension salon owner has observed that many clients prefer tape-in extensions to other types. “Tape-ins decreased the average time required to get extensions from many hours to as much as 30 minutes.” He further explains that “Tape in extensions provide simple removal, re-use of hair, and a variety of positioning choices, providing the customer a more natural, clean look.”

Tape-In Hair Extensions: Advantages and Disadvantages

The following are the upsides of using tape in hair extensions: 

  • You can conveniently apply tape in hair extensions

An expert hairstylist explained that “It [the application ]depends on the number of extensions you desire, yet tape-ins can take as little as 45 minutes up to an hour to complete, thus, you’ll be in and out in no time.” 

  • Tape in hair extensions are “Damaged-hair friendly”

As explained by an expert extension specialist from Beverly Hills, by using the tape-in plugins, it is far more difficult for stylists to inflict harm to a client’s hair. This makes the tape in hair extensions great for customers who are recuperating from serious color breakdown. Furthermore, it is far more difficult for customers to do harm to their hair at home with tape-in extensions.

  • You can surely save some money with tape on hair extensions

With tape in hair extensions, you now have a simpler style with a quicker application, which results in a lower cost. The cost of the extensions as well as the number of extensions placed might vary significantly, so the total expenditure can range from $200 to $800. Once you’ve purchased your new hair, the extensions can very well be reused as long as they’re taken care of properly, which saves you money. 

  • You can still get a natural hair appearance with tape in extensions

A hairdresser and extension specialist said that because tape-in extensions are extremely flat, they create a more natural appearance when fitted. The tape-in hair weft’s foundation is quite thin, in comparison to the sewn or glued tracks, which are significantly thicker to support the application procedure. 

  • Tape in hair extensions have become a great choice for fine hair

Individuals with finer hair textures may benefit from the added thickness and volume provided by these extensions, thus, tape in hair extensions is necessary. Because a lot of people have finer hair and don’t want to commit to a complete head of extensions but yet want the appearance of fuller hair. 

The following are the downsides of using tape in hair extensions: 

  • Tape in hair extensions have reduced wear time

The primary distinction between tape-ins, sew-ins, and glue-in hair extensions is their durability. Despite their security for daily usage, tape-in extensions are the least lasting of the extension alternatives. Thus, you can just expect up to eight weeks of getting quality results before having to remove or adjust the extension and reapply it again. 

  • There is a level of maintenance required when using tape in hair extensions 

If you are a person who just wants to simply roll out of bed and then spring out to the door, then using tape-in extensions can become a hindrance. Thus, it has been suggested that brushing them at minimum three times a day using a bristle brush that will not snag on the tape.

  • You will have modifications to haircare routines 

Daily washing is not recommended while using tape-ins. It is essential that you just avoid allowing a lot of water or friction to come into contact with your hair, as recommended by a hair extensions specialist. Your new best buddy will be an excellent dry shampoo. 

Taking Out Your Tape In Hair Extensions

When you’re ready to try something new, the most critical step for your hair’s health is to get your extensions removed by a competent hairdresser, thus, tape in hair extensions is secured in place with a medical-grade adhesive. This is why it is essential that a professional hairdresser should carefully remove the hairs so that you may reuse them without causing damage to your natural hair.


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