How To Get Coupons For Online Stores: Find Out Here


How To Get Coupons For Online Stores: Find Out Here

ECommerce is booming, and companies everywhere are shuttering their brick and mortar stores and replacing them with online stores. However, amidst all of the change that the digital era has brought on, one thing has remained the same; shoppers everywhere love a good deal. What’s more, brands have learned that online shoppers will take full advantage of online promotions and discounts, boosting eCommerce in a variety of ways and benefiting both the business and the customer. Research shows that 81% of consumers regularly seek out and use coupons, and in the era of online shopping, it has become that much easier to become a part of this majority. Let’s discuss a few ways you can easily save some money! 

Sign Up for Newsletters, Memberships & Promotions

The good, old-fashioned way to learn about special discounts is to sign up for emails from your favorite brands. This is pretty much the fastest way to learn about new deals and offers as companies tend to send out emails to let members ‘in on it’ before the general public. Of course, we’ve all had to sift through hundreds of promotional emails and eventually assign them to the junk folder. There are just too many to read through them all – and sometimes they’re coming from the same companies. Instead of making “email investigator” your new title, consider sticking to your favorite brands, aka those you love and shop from the most. For the rest, you’ll find better alternatives in the suggestions below. 

Spend and Earn

What’s better than retail therapy? Getting paid for your retail therapy! Yes, you read that correctly. How awesome would it be to earn a percentage of every dollar you spend? Spend and earn websites provide rebates and cashback from all of your favorite brands so that your time spent browsing is twice as productive. Rebates, partial reimbursement of the money you spend on a product, allow companies to price protect their products and you, the customer, to save on a product that otherwise would not be discounted. You’ll often find them used for big-ticket items like household appliances, health and beauty aids, computers and technological devices, wine and liquors, and car parts. They can range from pennies to thousands of dollars, which makes seeking them out worthwhile. However, while businesses will provide these offers to attract new customers, it is especially true that companies want to protect their margins as much as possible with regard to the more expensive specialty products. Translation: if they can charge you the full price, they will. Spend and earn websites do the work of gathering and displaying rebates and cashback promotions making it a more quick and efficient process for you. 

Deal Sharing Communities

Online discount platforms are built to connect consumers to promotions and discount offers for all of their favorite brands, as well as connect them to new ones by featuring daily promotions. The concept isn’t a new one, and you have perhaps come across websites with discount codes that frustratingly do not work! What is really great about contemporary coupon websites is that they often allow shoppers to submit and share promotions that they have found and/or used, which means real people are using and benefiting from the same deals. Whether you’re looking at convenience items (those things you buy very regularly like groceries, and household products) or doing some shopping (buying items you buy somewhat infrequently, like clothing, accessories, or shoes), you can find huge savings on these websites. The folks over at explain that great websites gather hundreds of discount codes for all of your favorite shopping categories from grocery shopping to clothing and accessories, as well as offers. Websites also share the statistics of couponing which offers insights into the way consumers use coupons and promotions. It’s a great way to get ideas for how to maximize your couponing and learn about how others are saving money. 

Browser Extensions & Mobile Apps

One of the newest and easiest ways to find good deals on just about any e-commerce site is to install a browser extension on your web browser or the mobile version on your mobile devices. Using data from the websites you shop from, these applications scan hundreds of sites and offers in order to track down active discount codes, which are then applied at checkout or offered as reimbursements after the purchase. These apps also often team up with businesses to provide unique offers and will send you sales alerts so you never miss out. Not only that, sometimes they offer their own rewards programs, which means that you’re not only saving on your immediate purchases but you’re getting cash to spend on future shopping. 

Social Media Pages

Customer service has changed with the digital age. The average citizen is spending more time online than ever before. As a result, companies spend a lot of time, money, and resources building their brands and their online presence. Unsurprisingly, social media is increasingly becoming a part of that. With platforms like Instagram introducing shopping functions and making the multi-channel customer experience more seamless, it’s really easy to find coupons, promotions, and other deals on social media. Depending on your privacy policy, your social media accounts can collect data from the sites you frequent, the products you view, and the things you search to produce targeted or personalized recommendations. These often include features of promotions and ideas for items that compliment your previous purchases. 

Many of these online coupon platforms began as projects by regular individuals who love a good bargain and grew because the community realized the advantages. Yet, as time passes it becomes apparent that both the company and the consumer benefit. On average, consumers who use coupons spend more money. That’s a pretty great incentive for companies to provide online offers; just think about how often you receive emails or see social media posts highlighting sales at your favorite stores. So, though we may never know which came first – the online shopper or the online shopping – couponing online is clearly a part of eCommerce that’s here to stay! 


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