Prevent Costly HVAC Repairs with These 6 Maintenance Tips


Having a clean and warm home feels like paradise. HVAC systems help achieve that comfortable environment. For this reason, it will help if you ensure that your unit is functioning effectively. HVAC units can cost you much if they aren’t well maintained, as this means spending more on repairs and rising energy bills. When you maintain your HVAC, you will not only be protecting the equipment, but you will also be protecting the people in your house.

Here are the top six maintenance tips that can help prevent costly HVAC repairs:

   1. How often should you change the filters? 

When was the last time you replaced the filters in your unit? You should know that the filters play a crucial role in keeping the system clean and taking out particles from your indoor air. While doing the work, dirt accumulates, and over time, they may not function effectively. It’s advisable to change the filters every three months for clean air circulation. However, if you are lucky to have pets in your house, or it’s allergy season, you should consider replacing them more often. So, which are the correct filters? When shopping for the ideal filters for your unit, it’s recommended that you go for one rated MERV 7-11. If you go for anything more than that, airflow will be reduced, which puts unnecessary strain on your unit. The filters come in different sizes. You can check from your unit’s manual to confirm. HVAC specialists from advise, if you can’t find the size on the manual, you can use a tape measure to take the readings and round it off to the nearest size. Once you know the size, it’s easy to find a quality air filter that will clean your indoor air properly. 

 2. Don’t Forget to Clean the Condensing Unit

Most air conditioners usually have a condensing unit/ heat pump set outside. The unit has a fan on top, which helps disperse the heat during the hot summers. The metal fins on this unit get clogged up with grime, dirt, and pollen within time. Unfortunately, many homeowners may overlook the clogging until the entire unit starts to perform poorly. Form a habit of cleaning the unit once in a while. A water hose can work in this case. Don’t spray the condensing unit using a pressure washer, as this will permanently damage the unit. 

  3.Clear the bushes/leaves around the outside unit

As mentioned earlier, the outdoor unit is often forgotten. The fact that it’s one of the areas that does the perfect job means that it should be given proper attention like any other part of your unit. You should know that the unit is exposed to weather and other environmental factors, such as grime and dirt. If not monitored, bushes and leaves may grow around, preventing the exhaust air from being ejected easily. Therefore, you should spare some time to clear away the bushes and leaves that may have overgrown. This is a simple task that doesn’t need any form of special skill to accomplish. By clearing the bushes around, you help save on costs that would result from your condenser’s fan breaking down from dirt accumulation. 

 4.Clean the drain lines

What are the benefits of having an air conditioner? These units are designed to create a clean and comfortable living in your home. The units take out the moisture from the air. The collected moisture is directed outside through the drain lines. Over time, the drain line can get clogged with dirt, dust, and even mold and algae. This is why you shouldn’t forget the drain line when doing your regular maintenance. The cleaning is simple as you only need to take off the conditioner’s outer cover and clean the drain with a piece of cloth. If you notice any mold formed in the drain, you can go ahead and rinse it with a mixture of water and vinegar. 

5. Book professional check-ups

Your HVAC technician will always tell you to book an appointment with them at least once a year. This is one thing that many homeowners overlook as they assume that the professionals are only after the money. Calling in a professional for some inspections may cost you some cash, but it’s little compared to when you call them when the entire unit is broken. HVAC technicians are experienced in what they do. Booking them for an inspection can save you as they can give their professional advice and point out a problem before it becomes major. 

Whenever you call a pro, they will carry an inspection, which includes doing the following; 

  • Cleaning the coils
  • Checking if the fans are working properly
  • Checking the air filter
  • Clean the drain lines
  • Checking for leaks
  • Checking the refrigerant level

Getting a pro means that all the components will be inspected and cleaned. The expert will only leave your premise when everything is working at its optimal best. With professional servicing, your unit is likely to serve you for long, and you won’t have to worry about ever having to call in for major repairs anytime soon. 

 6.Keep the vents open always

How do you respond when the temperature in your home starts to feel a little off? Like most of us, we have this habit of opening or closing the vents to increase the airflow. Well, the trick can work in most cases, as it will help cool down or heat your house. However, did you know that you will be causing more harm to your HVAC system by doing so? HVAC specialists discourage this. They insist that you should keep the vents open all the time instead of adjusting them now and then. By keeping the vents open all the time, you make it easy for your HVAC unit to condition your home evenly. If some rooms in your house seem overly hot or cold, you can talk with a specialist to set up two or more temperature zones in your home. This way, your system will run smoothly while maximizing your comfort. Your home’s HVAC unit is an essential component that should be properly maintained for maximum comfort. Mentioned in this article are the top ways on how you can maintain the unit by yourself. By following the tips shared, you will help save unnecessary repairs that may result from your unit breaking down.

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