6 Things Every Trading Card Games Fan Should Have



Trading card games are so addictive. They are also quite expensive. You need to buy rare cards and building decks. Additionally, there are several accessories you need to couple with this basic equipment to enjoy the game better. For instance, if you’re a serious trading card gamer, you should never go out without a bag of dice. You also need a deck box that you shall fill with your favorite dice. There are more accessories you need. These are the 6 things every trading card games fan should have:

 1.Dice Bags

You must have some bags which you should fill with counters and dice anytime you are going out for a game. You need these important bags regardless of the type of trading card game you play. Remember to always fill your bags with a small balanced collection of dice. Besides using your dice for determining the results when you have random chance cards, you can also use your dice as counters for life totals. You can use your dice for temporary effects and determine changes in strength. There are different types of dice bags on the market. You can choose the TecUnte D20s bag which contains 25 assorted colors of dice. Each of these dice is numbered from one to twenty. The numbering pattern is random and therefore different from the spindown d20s which aren’t necessarily random. These dice also have a small black bag in which you can store your dice. Alternatively, you can choose the CiaraQ assorted dice if you desire something other than a d20 for random chance mechanics. Remember to always have a variety of dice so that they can cover your options anytime. Display binders can also benefit you especially if you often go to big tournaments and many local games. You can use these display binders to organize your dice collections. This organization can make it easy for you to access your cards as your deck builds.

2. Card Sleeves 

Trading card games are a good way to make money. After you finish your game, you will need to ensure you take as much care of the cards you have spent money on. As evident in this Your Play Mats sleeves, you can make your own card sleeves and customize them to your interests. You can choose white frames with some matte finishes, clear fronts, and white interiors. You can also choose vibrant colors for your sleeves. Sleeves can help you prevent any unnecessary damages from accidents. They can stop your cards from wearing out from everyday use. Remember that even a single round of shuffling your deck of cards without sleeves can immediately start ruining the edges of the cards and with time, your cards will eventually wear out.  Like bags, you have a variety of card sleeves to choose from if you choose to buy. You can choose ultra pro sleeves or dragon shield sleeves.

3. Deck Boxes and Playmats

Did you just build up your new deck? Great! The next step is to get a perfect deck box for it. While you can stick to your rubber bands, deck boxes can look more aesthetic and versatile. After all, deck boxes help you become so organized. You also need playmats to better organize your gamespace. You can have your playmats come in different designs with individual areas marked for all your cards. You can have such marks as fields or discarded cards. You can also have your playmat have an individual design print on the entire mat. When looking for playmats and deck boxes, choose deck boxes that have different sets of colors as they are highly effective. Get decks boxes that can accommodate up to 80 sleeved cards for maximum storage efficiency. Look for playmats websites that can allow you to customize your preferred mat design. There are also premade playmats that can serve the same purpose as customized mats.

4. You Need a Silent Gaming Mouse

If you’re a true trading game fan then you know the importance of this accessory. Ths mouse is noiseless and you shall not hear any clock you make. You can choose a noiseless mouse with extra padding, some wireless features. It should have at least six extra buttons to enhance your convenience.

5. A Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is equally important. It can help you reduce friction points which could otherwise lower your speed and movement. A good mouse pad can allow you to use a large playmat comfortably. This can consequently enable you to work more conveniently with the low-sensitivity settings that other games have. A mouse pad can also minimize any movement barriers. You can always lift the mouse as you play. Remember having a larger playmat can enable you to use the mat as a decoration item. Big playmats always have great illustrations and attractive designs. Therefore, you can easily customize your playmat with characters and scenes from your favorite games. Consequently, you shall have a better gaming experience. 

6.  A Gaming Chair 

You can benefit significantly from investing in an ergonomic gaming chair especially if you game for long hours. It can enable you to sustain your good health especially if you spend a lot of hours gaming. Get a comfortable gaming chair that can minimize back pains and prevent you from experiencing lower back strains. Any pain can ruin your gaming experience. A good gaming chair should have reclining features, built-in cushions, and enough padding. This chair should improve your posture as you sit down and game. With it, you can avoid any game distractions that result from random backaches.

Trading card games can be exciting and if you are not careful enough, you can become an addict. You would want to have an excellent experience anytime you are playing. Therefore, ensure you have all the accessories that can facilitate your enjoyment of the game. Have some bags for your dice and card sleeves for your cards. Playmats and deck boxes can also help you be better organized.  A gaming mouse can make your gaming clicks easier and more enjoyable especially if you do not like noise while playing. Don’t forget to get a comfortable gaming chair that can help you maintain a natural spine alignment posture anytime you are playing.  A mouse pad can also enable you to choose larger playmats and ultimately give you an unforgettable gaming experience.

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